15 Minute Workout: 3 Moves for 300 Muscles - Workouts To Go - Downloads

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hamstergirl Oct 18, 2010
did you guys see the video?? none of those moves are easy....
wonder Oct 18, 2010
i very much doubt that u can use 300 of ur 320 paired skeletal muscles in 3 moves , u can't even use plenty of these muscles until they're properly trained (like ear muscles of example ) . if u wanna build some muscle mass u'd have to sweat ur butt off lifting heavy-ass weights 5-6 days a week for a really long time with proper workout technique , nutrition , sleep and emotional balance (like reducing stress to limit cortisone production ) & the there's absolutely no easy way
BananaPeter Oct 18, 2010
You are right! Also, if you want muscles, heavy weights, less reps, if you want toned, less weights, more reps. and you really don't have to go 5 to 6 days a week. I work out for 3 hours, 3 to 4 times a week and I look damn sexxxxyyyy. I also do boxing training and running for cardio as well.
wonder Oct 18, 2010
pushing ur workout time over 1.5 hours of HIT whether it's resistance or cardio ;forces the muscles to takes much longer time to repair tissue damage and can lead to reduction in muscle mass , on top of that altered neuromuscular coordination ,reciprocal inhibition and synergetic dominance & bunch of other stuff that make something like ur lower back ache so much , so combing hours doesn't help otherwise u can just go to work for 40 hours straight and enjoy the rest of the week
BananaPeter Oct 18, 2010
I thought that was a pic of a chick's butt so I quickly clicked and I was disappointed. But a great deal! Plus'd!!!
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nimrodboy3 Oct 17, 2010