6 Lbs. of Quality Click Pens (approx 315 pens)

GraveyardMall.com again offers 6 Lbs. of Pens, or approximately 315 pens, for $13.99 plus $5.99 for shipping. At about 6 cents per pen, This collection includes imprinted click pens that are misprints, overruns, and such, but all are new and working.
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What's the matter?
dvinegrace83 Feb 17, 2010
LOL...graveyard mall must always have an influx of random pens they need to get rid of all the time! haha!
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kevin1979 Jul 02, 2010
They must have spouses that work at doctors offices and pharmacies.
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psplove Feb 17, 2010
amazing deal!
drewcp Feb 17, 2010
I can't even imagine 6lbs of pens.
hellojamie Feb 17, 2010
I just ordered and I'm so excited. I love random pens.
JessNYCA Feb 17, 2010
I want a bunch of mis-printed random pens! How fun!
Neoka28 Feb 17, 2010
Good god that's a ton of pens...
ricci4pres Feb 17, 2010
i hate those super thick pens like the green one in the picture. i hope there arent a bunch of those
millaa Feb 17, 2010
This is an amazing discount!
Plustastic Feb 17, 2010
i guess thats a lot of pens :/
Swiftman Feb 17, 2010
That is an amazing deal!
shoppingwise Feb 17, 2010
Wow! That's a lot of pens!!! Good Deal for the office~
weeeve Feb 17, 2010
i think this is a daily deal
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niceguy Feb 17, 2010
i've been waiting!!! i lose my pens like crazy sometimes. gotta get some name labels for them