Free songs MP3 download (over 1,000 songs including Holiday Songs) + Free TV episode downloads

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What's the matter?
Dec 04, 2009
I had no problem with the downloader/install. Did not ask for any info. I have an Amazon acct already. Just had to sign in. Maybe you don't have an account yet and that's why it asked you for billing info. IMO - it's worth it to get all that free music. It downloads right into my iTunes library. sweet.
Dec 02, 2009
Love free mp3s
Dec 01, 2009
yes they do ask you to download their MP3 downloader but that only takes a minute. and the "billing info" is only your address, no card or acct info requested = no problem. wide selection of songs, but personally didn't find as many as i had hoped.
Dec 01, 2009
I couldn't get it to work… first they make you download a software program to accomplish the download (why not just let you download an mp3 file if it's DRM free?) but then after I did that, it still came up with a screen asking for a billing address and phone number. Why do they need that for a free song? FAIL!
Dec 01, 2009
First they make you download software, and even after you do that they want billing information. Why, if it's a free song? Seems like something shady is going on here.
quickly Dec 01, 2009
i was looking for free christmas songs all morning!
dripdd Oct 30, 2009
More songs are available.
akaricke Sep 11, 2009
the list is up to 1274
Apr 19, 2009
I definetly took advantage of this. If it's free, take more than you need. Thanks.
cdollar Apr 15, 2009
Few techno albums...snatched some up..thx!
Apr 15, 2009
PGLUKHOV Apr 15, 2009
hmm, I know what I'm doing after work tonight :)
honeyclove Apr 15, 2009
Free download! lets explode my hard drive