Age of Empires III - Complete Collection (PC)

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What's the matter?
hunter69 Nov 22, 2010
Was at $.0 but rang up at $39.99, now just shows $39.99 as the main price.
jamesjr55 Nov 21, 2010
Awesome Deal but I can't get it to accept my credit card. I keep getting this error message
Your credit card could not be authorized. Please contact your credit card provider, or enter a different credit card
jamesjr55 Nov 21, 2010
Does anybody know if your have to download this right after you buy or came I wait until Monday morning to download this if I go ahead and buy it tonight
countingdeer881 Nov 21, 2010
I downloaded and am trying to install. It prompts for 25character Product key to continue....where do I get that? Does anyone know?
countingdeer881 Nov 21, 2010
Nva mind, found the solution in this link.
szpz2z Nov 21, 2010
Always wanted to try this game. Deal worked for me.
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MikeTheTech Nov 21, 2010
Worked fine for me. Cost me 10 Microsoft Points. A bit more then 10 cents, but who cares, it's the complete collection, and I'd rather use Microsoft Points then my bank account. :P
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Opants Nov 20, 2010
Maybe they fixed the issues from earlier. I downloaded and installed the game client, Signed in with the e-mail associated with my Xbox Live gamer tag and payed for the game with 10 Microsoft Points. Downloading the game as we speak! I hope it all goes well, If so this is one hell of a deal!
audiocracy Nov 20, 2010
I don't know.....10 cents is a bit too steep for me. =[
Zathman Nov 20, 2010
Brings back memories of my PC Gaming days. It's been a while. Thanks for the heads up! Didn't even have to pay 10 cents, you can pay with Microsoft Points and
I had 40 points leftover from way back. Can use 10 Microsoft Points to pay for this.

Successfully purchased, and downloading now. Looking forward to spending a few minutes reliving the past ;)
rhinetech Nov 20, 2010
amrjm16 Nov 20, 2010
I clicked the link, joined xbox live...signed out and signed back in using the link from did show up as 0.10 but the site just doesn't let me enter the credit card info to purchase the keeps indicating you card cannot be authorized...that's absurd
amrjm16 Nov 21, 2010
Finally it worked...i guess persistence pays
gibbletz Nov 20, 2010
Also, if you search the game after logging in it loads in your cart for $.10
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ShiningDream Nov 20, 2010
This DEAL will only work if you already have a 1) Windows Live ID and 2)"XBOX Live" ID.

Even though AOE can't be run on XBOX, Microsoft will go far to get you signed for their "XBOX Live" community. So to download this game you need to first download the MS game client and than log in with your Live ID. (You can only log in if you have a XBOX Live ID, otherwise it will direct you to a page where it will ask you to sign up for XBOX Live and give you a Error code: 80154002 ).

I mean "Excuse me" Microsoft ?
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gibbletz Nov 20, 2010
Yeah but the live id is free, you do not have to sign up for an xbox live premium membership. Still agree it is a punk move on the part of Microshaft.
Asten77 Nov 21, 2010
It's just for their marketplace.. that's how it stores that you bought the game, it's the client to download the game, and you'll be able to download it over and over. It's no different than Steam.

Not everything is some shady conspiracy.
ShiningDream Nov 21, 2010
How do you its not a shady conspiracy ? :P

Are you MS ? :)

LOL,And also I guess you need to RE-read what I wrote :)
gibbletz Nov 20, 2010
It is hit and miss, if you refresh the screen and do it right it comes up. Got mine, but their server is screwy. This might be a glitch. I had a run in with customer service. He said Deals Plus was falsely advertising it until I had him go to the URL and he saw it on the page for $.10 and in the cart for $39.99. Made customer service do my order.
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ShiningDream Nov 20, 2010
and how do you contact customer service ?
gibbletz Nov 20, 2010
North America:
United States / Canada (English)
Assistance by phone seven days a week
Hours of operation (every day):
9:00 A.M. to 1:00 A.M. Eastern Time
6:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. Pacific Time
ShiningDream Nov 20, 2010
Thank you Sir!
gibbletz Nov 20, 2010
No problem :)
gdog05 Nov 20, 2010
You need to download the client. From the site, it'll be on the bottom right, just says Download. When it's downloaded and installed, AoE3 will be on the front page in the client. Click on it, says $.10. You can also use 10 LIVE points instead of card.
jamesjr55 Nov 20, 2010
When I try to buy it wants me to join xbox live? This is for PC. Also when I add it to my cart it says $39.99
KT_206 Nov 20, 2010
Doesn't works for me, add to cart and checkout - came up $39.99 !
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gizmo12688 Nov 20, 2010
It's shows $39.99
smogbean Nov 20, 2010
It's almost free :)