ALREADY??? Class Action Complaint Filed Over Google Buzz

"A class action complaint filed in San Jose federal court alleges that Google Inc. broke the law when its controversial Google Buzz service shared personal data without the consent of users."
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What's the matter?
Sceptor Feb 19, 2010
I removed it, dont need another form of gtalk ;)
ddpark Feb 18, 2010
Thanks myblackie
myblackie Feb 18, 2010
Didn't realize that by having gmail you are automatically signed up for buzz.

Just went and turn it off in my gmail.
Here is the steps to turn google buzz off from gmail (for those don't know how):
fvillaabrille Feb 18, 2010
Thanks for the link, disabled!
akaricke Feb 21, 2010
fvillaabrille Feb 18, 2010
I tried buying this and it wouldn't let me ...
JessNYCA Feb 18, 2010
Someone commented on the article ... "Gmail is great. But I need BUZZ like I need a third nostril." Love it.
fvillaabrille Feb 18, 2010
AKaddanotherA Feb 18, 2010
Although everyone who had Google Buzz added to their accounts opted for it. I remember Google Buzz offering it's services to me which, since I didn't have the time to review it, I declined. I think people might have just expected it to work exactly like facebook and didn't read details in how Google Buzz worked. The problem with society is they get too used to things and expect things to astound them with novelty and yet be exactly what they're used to.
portal45 Feb 18, 2010
VERY true.
drewcp Feb 19, 2010
Google Buzz turns itself on to some extent whether you asked for it or not.