Harry Potter Movie Collection: Vol 1-6 (Blu-ray)

Harry Potter Movie Collection: Vol 1-6 (Blu-ray) for £14.46 (lower price shown in cart) + £3.08 shipping = ~$28 shipped [Currency Calculator]
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What's the matter?
cherrycake Nov 29, 2010
Really great deal!! Thx.
DancetoExpress Nov 29, 2010
Not even 100% sure I can play these on my laptop, but a great deal :)
Singhgurkaran Nov 29, 2010
If your laptop can play BluRay dvd's then you are all set!
DancetoExpress Nov 29, 2010
I know right? I bought it anyways :D
Batteryup Nov 29, 2010
Singhgurkaran Nov 29, 2010
A few question for you guys
1) we established it can be played in the US correct?
2) will they charge customs on this shipment?
3) won't our credit cards charge 5% since our we are paying in pounds?
motleypixel Nov 29, 2010
1) Yes, just look around the 6th review page...another US buyer verified it worked in his player.
2) Not sure...I got an order conf. using my VISA and it says $28.XX shipped 6-10 business days.
3) Not sure again...hope not.
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Singhgurkaran Nov 29, 2010
Thanks for the reply!

I check with my credit card (chase MasterCard) and they said they do charge 3% foreign transaction charge. It's still is a great deal because the 3% of $28 is less than a dollar.
qwerty4 Nov 30, 2010
if you use the amazon converter when you are checking out (it should send you there if you are using an american account) it will charge your credit card in american dollars not in pounds
oliviabrown9 Nov 29, 2010
Great deal!
motleypixel Nov 29, 2010
SWEET! LOL, my first ever amazon.uk order...seems my account works there too...odd, Europe doesn't accept Discover though...aw shucks...could have saved an extra 5%. It was $28 and change shipped to TX showing 6-10 business days.

ringarthur Nov 29, 2010
I love it!
qwerty4 Nov 29, 2010
is there any difference in the uk version and the american?
NiftyThrifty Nov 29, 2010
I think so. I think it doesn't play here.
ProfessorFoo Nov 29, 2010
Actually it should work in the United States.


As you can see, most Blu-ray movies are region free. I went ahead and ordered it.
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smogbean Nov 29, 2010
Cool! It's $60 at amazon.com.