Apple iPhone 3GS (Refurb Cosmetic Blemish) - 8GB (w/ 2 year data plan)

iPhone 3GS cell phone includes a 3-megapixel camera, voice control, multitasking, folders, and more
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What's the matter?
l1lmam979 Mar 28, 2011
yea i like this deal now i want his phone right now
zhuyangba Feb 07, 2011
I agree. Since next version of iPhone is arriving soon. This old one is no long a good deal any more - even it is free.
belarus94 Feb 07, 2011
This was on front page more then once before. And this is always available on AT&T website. Why is it featured again?
Acidbaby Feb 07, 2011
I agree. Ive said this like 3 times this week. This sale has been going on for MONTHS and people keep posting it and making money off of it. Its not a deal, its a phone with dents and or scratches. And you still need to sign a 2 year agreement to get it for this price.
belarus94 Feb 07, 2011
Who in the right mind would plus this deal anyway? Just curious how admins allow this on front page.