Apple - iPhone 3GS with 16GB Memory (Refreshed)

For Reward Zone Premier Silver members, Best Buy stores slash $100 off six Apple iPhone 3G and 3GS models

* Refurbished Apple iPhone 3G 16GB in Black or White for $29.99
* refurbished Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB in Black or White for $49.99
* refurbished Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB in Black or White for $149.99
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What's the matter?
CruisnGrrl Feb 25, 2010
$50 for an iPhone...... wow. 2 year contract isn't bad, how often do you switch providers?
nwadie Feb 24, 2010
Will it work if I don't have Reward Zone Premier Silver members, just reward zone membership?
missblaze38 Feb 23, 2010
cool deal i have 2 get ` for my sister
zzkristie Feb 23, 2010
adacosta Feb 23, 2010
Bummer, I was gonna show a friend this, but when I discovered the 2 year contract, doesn't make any sense.
nelson8403 Feb 23, 2010
With the two year contract if you cancel your plan paying the ETF, its 175 + 49.99, and any monthly fee you have, not a terrible price overall.
rathanraja Feb 23, 2010
yes, indeed...
Sundevil Feb 23, 2010
two years contract kills it.
tamqoppa Feb 23, 2010
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moose Feb 23, 2010
still a nice deal even w/ contract
shoppingwise Feb 23, 2010
Yea, 2year contract! Already seen this...
fvillaabrille Feb 23, 2010
Is this pricing is with a required 2 year contract? I currently have a 3G and want to upgrade to a 3GS.
PGLUKHOV Feb 23, 2010
Yes, 2 year contract is required. Click on the link above, not to best buy, but the coupon link, and you'll see, it says "Save $100 on refreshed
Apple® iPhone™ 3G or 3GS Models
with new or qualified upgrade 2-year activation
when you use your Premier Silver Reward Zone®
program membership card"
twodolla Feb 23, 2010
Makes me wish I wouldn't have let my Reward Zone membership expire years ago and that I had a cell phone provider that the iPhone would work on.
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bossusa Feb 23, 2010
Dont forget the 2 yr contract...