Apple Post-it Note

Apple Post-it Note
save 7¢ (10% on your order) with promo code "Happy2010" courtesy of majorsaur.
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Danielzacmy Apr 01, 2010
Detective Cheaper!
Only $2.05 + Free-Shipping:
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DizzyLizzy Mar 31, 2010
DealOrNoDeal Mar 30, 2010
thats cool
poe601 Mar 29, 2010
This is cute!
Perkalicious11 Mar 29, 2010
this would make a really cute gift for kids' teachers.
majousaur Mar 29, 2010
Add "Happy2010" to the coupon code queue during checkout and get an extra 10% off! Works better if you spend a little more.
kissme Mar 29, 2010
this is great!!! i love it.. its works as a decor on your desk too
AKaddanotherA Mar 29, 2010
So cute! Definitely buy more to make shipping worth it!
AKaddanotherA Mar 29, 2010
If you have any problems with shipping costs, this one is also pretty good:
Plustastic Mar 29, 2010
thats pretty cool! i would totally use this