Apple unveils the iPad at last and it's $499

Looks like a big iPhone!!
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What's the matter?
MudDog Jan 28, 2010 disappointing!
mualam Jan 28, 2010
disappointing to say the least.
Jan 28, 2010
I'm getting one, no doubt about it.
treidon Jan 28, 2010
Getting it for sure.
Jan 28, 2010
No USB and can only run one program at a time. LOL to the max.
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sammy93 Jan 27, 2010
If only it ran 10.6 instead of iPhone OS 3.2
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Jan 27, 2010
An unbelievably overpriced Apple product. Who would have thought?
calvinl Jan 27, 2010
Personally I think this is the most fairly priced Apple product yet.
nimrodboy3 Jan 28, 2010
yeah..i actually thought it'd be a lot worse.
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toast Jan 28, 2010
Considering the versatility (or lack thereof) of the iPad, it's not worth paying -at least- $500 for one, when you can get a great netbook or laptop for the same price. It might not have a flashy touchscreen interface, but you'll probably be more productive on it.
walleseva Apr 26, 2010
I agree with calvinl:-)it's worth owning one
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Jtelford Jan 27, 2010
Jan 27, 2010
Looks cool, but I have to say the whole thing seems kinda useless for the vast majority.
Texas_Aggie Jan 27, 2010
I guess I'm the only one on the planet that is not really impressed by this... I'm actually a little disappointed. It's like a larger version of my IPhone... but it really can't do any more than my Samsung NC10 (netbook) can do? Unless I'm missing something.

It looks cool... but for the price, I can buy a Netbook and an IPhone/Touch. Plus my Netbook can use any 3G usb connection on any network not just AT&T. I'm also wondering if the iPad can run multiple apps or if its like the iphone and can only run one at a time?

The technology looks promising, but I think I'm kind of missing the wow factor.
To me it looks like Apple is rushing things to stay on top of the e-reader industry and compete with the likes of the HP Slate. However, that said, I think in a year or two... this product will be awesome.
Texas_Aggie Jan 27, 2010
Hey is doing something pretty cool though! They wasted NO time (Good job guys!)
Texas_Aggie Jan 27, 2010
Ah, ok... so I'm not the only one on the planet questioning the usefulness of this product:
cstalder Jan 27, 2010
Have had my iPhone for 2 months and have gotten rid of all other internet access. This will be awesome!!
sectoidcorpse Jan 27, 2010
glad to see they arent using an intel processor
heinzdong Jan 27, 2010
I'm not a big fan of apple. But I have to say, that's really amazing.
sarahdzny Jan 27, 2010
As an E-Reader its great. Otherwise its full of fail.
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momamia Jan 27, 2010
The Wifi-only version, with 16GB of memory, will cost $499. A 32GB version will be $599, 64 GB will be $699, and with 3G from AT&T it will cost $829 (for the 64GB version).
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DealFinder86 Jan 27, 2010
it really does look cool. no camera, which would have been nice, but for only $499 its really not bad
Acarone Jan 27, 2010
it looks so cool!
ShopShop Jan 27, 2010
No camera in it?? :(
nimrodboy3 Jan 28, 2010
maybe next year?
JessNYCA Jan 27, 2010
It's here! It's here!
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skyk Jan 27, 2010
* 1GHz Apple A4 processor (custom)
* 0.5″ thick
* 1.5 pounds
* 9.7″ Capacitive touchscreen
* 16-64GB of SSD storage
* 3G available but not in all iPads
* $14.99 for 250MB, $29.99 for unlimited data on AT&T (no contract)
* 3G iPads are unlocked, have GSM micro SIMs
* Accelerometer, Compass
* 802.11n and Bluetooth 2.1
* Runs iPhone apps in window or pixel doubling
* Hardware-accelerated OpenGL graphics
* SDK out today
skyk Jan 27, 2010
I wonder how much it will be...