Arrow Buildings Mid Gable Storage Building (10 ft. x 11 ft.)

You can see the price $319.49 at cart.
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MrBklynW Mar 18, 2012
Wow the price drop like crazy within two days...good thing i waited=D
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psplove Mar 18, 2012
Thanks for posted, I need one of this for my backyard..
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rd995 Mar 17, 2012
i have the same storage unit or similar in my backyard and its about 10 years old it has gone thru 2 hurricanes its attach to the ground with metal cables i live in central florida and it gets very hot inside because its metal. mines is all rusty because of age but they are pretty good.
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blackfoot Mar 17, 2012
Looks very roomy - Lots of storage space.
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Hisgelt Mar 17, 2012
looks like a really good buy
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adelyn Mar 17, 2012
Price dropped to 319.49
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akaricke Mar 17, 2012
The original discount no longer shows in cart.

BUT it is even CHEAPER + BONUS floor tiles for only $349.98 total, when you follow the below steps:

1. Add the shed to your cart for $379.99.
2. Add these foam floor tiles to your cart
3. Use coupon EXTRA15
4. Final price is $349.98 for the shed and tiles.

Free in store pick up available.
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snrndi Mar 17, 2012
The code EXTRA15 does not work...?
bbattag Mar 16, 2012
I'd pour a slab if you're buying this. I don't know about using a flooring kit or anything like that
akaricke Mar 15, 2012
I guess you have to poor a slab of concrete or purchase the flooring kit, or both?
Scroll down to the "frequently bought together" and it shows this flooring kit
Dexterous Mar 15, 2012
Looks nice. Good price drop. Thanks
somesome11 Mar 15, 2012
Looks decent, almost purchased it, but I'm still holding out for the non-steel sheds to go on a great deal like this someday; the steel ones are too light and have a tendency to not last, but still a not a bad deal for the price. And yeah, its up to $380 now.
coolmo Mar 15, 2012
$380. now
akaricke Mar 15, 2012
Add it to your cart. It shows up $354.99
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rtanner Mar 15, 2012
This is a pretty decent deal for the size of the storage unit
Mishumoshu Mar 15, 2012
Almost 50% discount for a storage building! will look great in the back of the garden
poe601 Mar 15, 2012
Really nice price for the size storage building and store pick up is great, delivery charge is like $70
SavingUp Mar 15, 2012
awesome price. nice storage space for the price, and looks sturdy.
jasoned Mar 15, 2012
The one thing that we don't have in our new place is sufficient storage. This is a great price. Thanks for the deal!