Belkin Conserve Socket F7C009q Energy Saving Outlet - Frustration-Free Packaging

Now in Frustration-Free Packaging
Free Shipping on $25.
Easy to set timer; 30 minutes, 3 hours or 6 hours. Continuous Duty Electrical Rating: 120V~/15A/60Hz/1800W. Operating Power Consumption: 0.18W
Saves energy; completely cuts power after timer expires
Makes your home safer by automatically shutting off space heaters, curling irons, coffee makers etc.
Can be used throughout home for multiple devices including fans, cell phone chargers, lights, kitchen appliances, electric toothbrushes etc.
Find some cheap items to break $25.
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What's the matter?
nthsll Feb 22, 2012
"Now in Frustration-Free Packaging"

Worth purchasing just to support them for using "Frustration-Free Packaging'!!
branie Feb 22, 2012
It is a great time to save money when you can. 30 minutes, 3 or 6 hours seems to be a good variation of time. Interesting find.
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MiniSizeIt Feb 22, 2012
Thanks, in for 2. Also got 2 of the Belkin smart energy-saving power strips @
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jasoned Feb 22, 2012
Very nice price. A great way to save a little money.
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aznballa161 Feb 21, 2012
Nice price, good item, will save you money over time
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nimase85 Feb 21, 2012
I have never seen one of these before but it seems like a great idea
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weqren Feb 21, 2012
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blackfoot Feb 21, 2012
Belkin products are quality in my experience. Nice buy
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psplove Feb 21, 2012
Awesome Price with Belkin
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Florida2Texas Feb 21, 2012
This is a must have! I have put an article on here couple days ago on how to save energy by unplugging un-used appliance. This might be perfect for people who don't want to do that yet save energy!
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jonsuh Feb 21, 2012
Original price is NOT $39.99. Original price is $9.99.
glwrks Feb 21, 2012
Thanks. It was last year when originally posted. It has been updated. Nice even list price has dropped:) Update should show in a bit.
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rtanner Feb 21, 2012
Very nice save ya money in the long run too
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iowahawkeyes Feb 21, 2012
Belkin is a GREAT brand for electronic stuff!
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pun555 Feb 21, 2012
Super deal..
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glwrks Feb 21, 2012
Added details. Great it cuts power to save energy on appliances typically left plugged in...our coffee maker is used once a day, but always plugged in. Safer when used with any potential fire hazards...irons, curling irons, space heaters...those are things I use infrequently and worry I've left them plugged in.
dvinegrace83 Feb 21, 2012
Considering how much electricity this could save, im sure this would pay for itself.
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deal Feb 22, 2012
Agreed it does save power but a few key points here. When you use this you do need to press the button located on the top of the power device. Your options when you press it is 1/2 hour, 3 hours, or 6 hours. What this pretty much means is when you press the button you get one of the time intervals listed above. After that time frame the unit will shut itself off and wait till the next time you press it again to turn it back on. Great nifty lil device that does save power and I actually own a few of these for various devices at home that i do not always want drawing power.
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krmills1 Feb 21, 2012
Great price on these, all the energy saving outlets i have seen are very expensive.
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FibroMom Feb 21, 2012
Such an Awesome Price and a GREAT Idea! Anything that helps conserve electricity is Wonderful to me! Thanks for the Deal! :)
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