BELKIN F5C400-300W Power Inverter

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gapotter Oct 04, 2011
Out of stock...

Also - to get how many amps that 300 watts will pull, simply divide 300/12 and you get 25. Technically you could divide by 13.8 because that should be a running car's voltage, in which case, your amps would be about 22 amps.

So if your cigarette lighter has a 20 amp fuse, it would blow if you pull a full 300 watts (or more for peak)
fluffy Oct 04, 2011
You're assuming the inverter is 100% efficient. They are typically 90-97% efficient, so the current draw will be even more at full load.
tc1uscg Oct 04, 2011
I have learned after a couple of tries these things are kinds useless except for charging a ipod or something. I have a 400W and a 150W. Almost everytime my son plugs in his laptop, it alarms. Why? Because the Laptop would pull more watts then the default for having it plugged into a cig lighter outlet. If you want the FULL wattage, you need a DIRECT connection to your battery with a 8 guage wire.
fluffy Oct 04, 2011
You can't get more than 100-150w through a cigarette lighter outlet with its 10 or 15A fuse, but that should be fine for a laptop. Some cheapo no-name inverters have the low battery alarm/shutoff set way too sensitive, and can't be used without the engine running. I have a 150w and a 250w that give me no trouble, but a cheap 300w unit I have is unusable with even a light load without the voltage boost from running the engine.
fluffy Oct 04, 2011
I had to wait 20 minutes to chat with an agent, but I got their promise to correct the price after the fact and managed to get my order in. The chat window disappeared only a second after I captured the text!
Dexterous Oct 04, 2011
can you guide me to chat? Thanks
fluffy Oct 04, 2011
I went to:
Then clicked the "Order Assistance" tab and selected "Pricing or promotions".
Dexterous Oct 04, 2011
Dexterous Oct 04, 2011
Finally SOLD OUT
Dexterous Oct 04, 2011
Did anyone got this deal? Any codes, I couldn't get connected with agent