Bella Cucina Quesadilla Maker

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What's the matter?
StephanieDix Sep 08, 2014
I love quesadillas! Lowest price I have seen.
tr1plication Aug 10, 2014
New code 8/10/2014
EzzyLovesToSave Jun 14, 2013
$7.00 price drop.
Jazmine_ilene Nov 25, 2012
I want one!!!! This is awesome lol
YesBoss Nov 25, 2012
Nice Find, Its Good Price. We Bought This Maker Couple Of Weeks & Working Great.
abu5692 Nov 25, 2012
Very usefull when time is short. u can be quick and make a Quesadilla. Thia is a very good deal!
EzzyLovesToSave Nov 25, 2012
$5.00 price drop.
Jazmine_ilene Nov 14, 2012
this would be nice to have just because ; very nice price too
candzyangel Nov 13, 2012
Huge drop price for a maker.
lilywow Nov 12, 2012
Would be interesting. I usually do them by hand. Nice deal though
FibroMom Nov 12, 2012
Love Quesadillas! Now all that I need is a pitcher of Margarita and I am ready for a great Evening! Super price on this appliance! Thanks! :)
THartz606 Nov 12, 2012
I would love to get one of these. Would be great to make a quick, different dinner and it won't be messy (hopefully). Thanks for the post.
Peppee Nov 12, 2012
Nice deal for a maker..
poe601 Nov 12, 2012
We have this and use it all the time. Good price but I would buy in store to avoid shipping unless you have a large order with free shipping.
ukaran Nov 12, 2012
Actually my daughter wants to buy one recently So this deal is a great price for her
ReturninVideoTps Nov 12, 2012
Fun idea but it seems a little excessive for just quesadillas...
nthsll Nov 12, 2012
Love me a good quesadilla. Nice price.
krmills1 Nov 12, 2012
I actually have one of these and they do make great chicken Quesadillas!!
zoneric Nov 12, 2012
this is a nice price drop. I wonder how good they are with the maker
shopange08 Nov 12, 2012
One of my co-workers brought this to work once and the quesadillas were awesome--great find!
MrBklynW Nov 11, 2012
awesome price...i am suddenly craving taco bell=P
glwrks Nov 11, 2012
This would have been in non-stop service when the kids were still at home;) It would be nice to find one somewhere with a better shipping rate.
dvinegrace83 Nov 11, 2012
nice if you make quesadillas regularly. i find that my george foreman works fine tho..
blackfoot Nov 11, 2012
Nice appliance to make cooking easier.
Dexterous Nov 11, 2012
This might be in $10 in BF, waiting
gangstabarbie Nov 11, 2012
Omg!! This is what I needed that day I was trying to make my quesadilla ! If only I knew about this !!
branie Nov 11, 2012
Quesadillas, yum, yum. I went to Qdoba today and had some Quesadillas for lunch they were so good. This little maker is so cool, my friend has one. Decent price for it too. Thanks.
ArtemisDeals Nov 11, 2012
I love quesadillas!! We make them all the time. Just on the stove.. I would be curious to see how well it works :)
tpark6283 Nov 11, 2012
My mom used to have one of these and we used it frequently!!
MdavidK30 Nov 11, 2012
Nice price for a Quesadilla Maker.
zoneric Nov 12, 2012
I agree. the price drop is very very good.
EzzyLovesToSave Nov 11, 2012
$2.50 price drop.