Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table

Includes Free Shipping

Product Features Deluxe dual-pin adjustment system with height range of 4' 7" to 6' 8" Inversion therapy table for elongating spine and relaxing back muscles Lower spring-loaded pull pin for easy ankle adjustments; 250-pound capacity Safety strap lets you control inverting angles; safety lock keeps table secure Folds up for easy storage and transport; U-shaped handrails
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What's the matter?
chuckydealpl Feb 02, 2013
deal appears to be over, price is at $129 now
seanvcxz Feb 01, 2013
I have always wanted to try one of these because I think it would feel amazing to hang upside for a little bit at night to uncrunch your body after a long day!
plusit Feb 01, 2013
I received my inversion table as a gift. After the first time I used it, I felt the benefits. Nice deal!
branie Feb 01, 2013
$129.99 now, who knows may drop back again :)
zoneric Feb 01, 2013
excellent price drop on this. I never had one, maybe I'll try it out
Peppee Feb 01, 2013
superb price drop.. Good share.. free shipping is plus
zoneric Feb 01, 2013
free shipping is always a BIG plus when it comes to a good deal.
cid681 Feb 01, 2013
I think it's suppose to allow the weight of your body to be released from your back muscles. Just don't let the blood pool in your head and you'll be fine!
tpark6283 Feb 01, 2013
My grandmom has been looking for one of this, I will forward this to her!
ancagavs Feb 01, 2013
the discount is amazing. an excellent deal in my opinion.
zoneric Feb 01, 2013
it is indeed a really good price. it's an excellent deal.
rockinnrolla Feb 01, 2013
WOW super price drop for this table! Nice find!
chuckydealpl Feb 01, 2013
this is a great price. i used this to relieve back tension. takes a couple of tries to get used to.
dvinegrace83 Jan 31, 2013
other than blood rushing to my head, i think it'd be nice to have gravity helping to lengthen and stretch the muscles =)
Durr21 Jan 31, 2013
Great workout machine great deal also thanks
DealLeader Jan 31, 2013
These are great. When my back is out, this is the first means of therapy.
hemalaa Jan 31, 2013
Turn your body upside down. Also good for doing abs.
lilywow Jan 31, 2013
I think this will be a lot of fun for me.
mikhaila Jan 31, 2013
loving this discount. this is a great one. thanks for posting
Dexterous Jan 31, 2013
This is huge discount on chair
dealwagger Jan 31, 2013
Wow this seems like a really great price! I hear these mentioned so much --definitely passing this deal on!
krmills1 Jan 31, 2013
I have heard these are really good for bad backs and just to relax with in general.
austin38 Jan 31, 2013
I heard the exact same thing! That they do wonders for the back or something haha
nthsll Feb 01, 2013
I had one for a while until someone borrowed it and broke it. They are good for the back and knees both.
ancagavs Feb 01, 2013
I never had one of these. so you guys say I should give this one a try? I kinda have some back problems. this can help?
akaricke Feb 01, 2013
These inversion tables are great for back problems. I use one all the time. It decompresses the spine and stretches the tense muscles.
dealio23 Feb 01, 2013
I've never heard that these are good for knees. I have two bum knees. Maybe I should give this a try