BumpTop: Software toy or useful desktop replacement?

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What's the matter?
dvinegrace83 Apr 09, 2009
looks fun! but true nimrodboy3 - my desktop is messy enough as it is...I think this would make it look even more crazy. =P
nimrodboy3 Apr 08, 2009
tried it..pretty neat and fun, but it seemed to make everything a bit slower and less clear. played with it..had my fun..now i'm uninstalling.
PGLUKHOV Apr 09, 2009
well, I had the beta versions earlier, and they were crazy slow, and this thing, just like WindowsBlinds, is a virtual memory eater. The reason why is because this is an extra shell on top of Windows theme shell. It doesn't replace it, but adds onto it
mikeisme77 Apr 08, 2009
I saw videos of this about 3-4 years ago when it was still just a research concept. I heard they were making it into a public product, but I hadn't seen anything about it for years. Glad to see it finally came out, I think it's an interesting approach for tablet computing. The 3D view is new to me though (the original concept was just a flat workspace).
chancluong Apr 08, 2009
quickly Apr 08, 2009
So its a room?! I wonder if there is a better background.
nimrodboy3 Apr 08, 2009
i'm wondering the same thing. i downloaded it, but have yet to install.
nimrodboy3 Apr 08, 2009
so i totally think this thing is awesome in concept, but i'm worried that i might just end up making my desktop look crazy messy. interesting.