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What's the matter?
smallzfsu Mar 05, 2010
bought it afterall...
mastergreg Mar 03, 2010
is there any difference between this(Asian) and the US version?
BananaPeter Mar 03, 2010
It would be cool if you can kung fu your enemies in the Asian version
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scatman Mar 03, 2010
Some games are region locked, meaning they won't play in another region's console if bought outside of the local region (like some game cube games from japan won't play on american game cubes). I'm not sure if this game on the XBox360 has this 'feature' but you should probably play it safe or google around to find an answer.
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scatman Mar 03, 2010
You're good! I checked the page again, it's region free.
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smallzfsu Mar 02, 2010
Boooo wanted free shipping, im greedy!
Plustastic Mar 02, 2010
nice price. did this get good reviews though? i wanted to play it, but then i didnt really hear anything awesome about it when it came out
drewcp Mar 02, 2010
Region Free! Awesome!