Earth Day Sales 2016 | Best Earth Day Deals & Freebies

Earth Day 2016 will be on Friday, April 22nd. Get great deals, sales and freebies for Earth Day on everything from clothing and home items to beauty and tech items.

Please check it back to see updated sale information. Also checkout:

Earth Day Freebies

Earth Day Sales & Deals

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tr1plication Apr 20, 2016
New deals for 2016!
KevinSue Apr 22, 2015
Earth day
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cjbortega Apr 20, 2015
Updated with Hello Fresh, Got Apparel, and much more! (:
olgurlatcsu Apr 18, 2015
Origins had a much better deal 3 years ago!
nikcc20 Apr 14, 2015
Organic milkshakes are back again! =)
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shimisi Apr 22, 2014
Organic milkshakes all day, FTW!
The treasure hunt participants at PBKids also get a "plantable bookmark".
Surprised Target didn't do their Reusable Tote promo this year.
DealsDiva Apr 22, 2014
So many great deals out there to celebrate Earth Day. Love it!
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Acarone Apr 22, 2014
Happy Earth Day!
MrBklynW Apr 23, 2013
awesome round up, lots of sales. still going on!
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lauchremi Apr 22, 2013
Lotta good ones!
YesBoss Apr 22, 2013
Free Earth Day Roundup Deals, Thanks For Sharing The Post .
themoneyman1113 Apr 22, 2013
Earth Day freebies and deals all in one list, thanks very much. I wish I saw this earlier and was able to pass it along sooner.
FibroMom Apr 22, 2013
Super list and love the direct links! Thanks for compiling this - makes shipping and freebies EASY! :)
aznballa161 Apr 19, 2013
one of my favorite days, great deals for the planet
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Dexterous Apr 18, 2013
Thanks for some good offer on earth day
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joshua2 Apr 18, 2013
Earth day
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shimisi Apr 17, 2013
HEART EARTH ♥ = anagram! ... as is EARTH HATER, LoL.
sunnydreams1123 Apr 22, 2010
Can't seem to get the Planet Earth for free. Kind of bummed my daughter would love to see this but I'm not paying 20 bucks for it.
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winterhart14 Apr 22, 2010
Me either, it keeps wanting me to download another copy of itunes, which messes up my current itunes. Too bad, the entire series for free is a great deal
dvinegrace83 Apr 22, 2010
nice one AKA!
wutthedealyo Apr 22, 2010
thanks for the round-up! hopefully there is an Evos around where i live now, a free milkshake sounds nice right about now
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JessNYCA Apr 22, 2010
I HEART THE EARTH (and really good deals ...)
BeHappy Apr 22, 2010
I always wish one could do the little heart symbol on here like on facebook...I still wonder why the html filter doesn't allow that. :(
dsweetestangel Apr 22, 2010
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JessNYCA Apr 22, 2010
I know! But I figured you guys would get the idea if I just spelled it out :)
shimisi Apr 17, 2013
@JessNYCA (Oops. Meant to post that here..) ♥ HEART EARTH ♥ = anagram! ... as is EARTH HATER, LoL.
rockinnrolla Apr 18, 2013
@JessNYCA I heart the earrth and good deals as well! ;D