Chrysanthemum Samurai Sword - Long (40 in.) Hand Made!

Made in Japan, these alloy samurai swords have a smooth, natural wood sheath beautifully hand-painted with pink and green chrysanthemums. The true-wave frosted blade edge is a real eye catcher. The sword handle and sheath are tightly wrapped with a black woven cord.
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What's the matter?
Chrontius Feb 13, 2010
"true wave frosted blade edge" means the hamon is fake, which means the temper is wrong for actually cutting anything. Excellent wallhanger, perhaps - but for anyone looking for a martial arts cutter, stay away.

Look for the video of the guy breaking a sword on a TV infomercial... ah, here.
bkindustries Feb 13, 2010
True wave frosted blade edge has absolutely nothing to do with being fake. Any time a blade is tempered and then sharpened it will create a "True Wave Frost", no this sword is not an actual sword meant to go hacking up people but it IS a tempered hand made sword.

It has a FULL TANG not a partial like the sword in your video.

It has a real copper Suba not plastic or composite like most display swords. And it has a real wood sheath with HAND PAINTED design.

Yes this sword is gorgeous on display, and no you do not want to go sword fighting with it, however it is by far stronger than the display sword in the video.

To sword fight you would want a sword that is $1000+ on the retail side up to about 6k or more.
Chrontius Feb 13, 2010
What is a "true wave frost" anyway? I have a Strider in my pocket tempered by the best in the business and there's no frosting on the edge; an easily visible, repetitive hamon is usually caused by acid etching, and not a differential temper.

Also, it's called a tsuba. I expect the poster does not practice martial arts, but even my web browser has spell check these days, and the tang was not the failure point in the video - and frankly I'm surprised by that. It cracked in the middle of the blade.

And I'd be happy with a $250 sword that I can get for more like $150 -- Himalayan Imports produces the Everest Katana, which ... isn't the sharpest knife in the box, but they're hand-forged, folded steel, with a differential temper, made from spring steel.

Even if that's not available, there are some damn fine monosteel (non-differential temper) cutters for less than a hundred bucks. Usually have no decoration or embellishment, but if poster is related to the store, I can't see any on the sword in question. Needs hi-res pictures.
angiefastbreak Feb 12, 2010
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plucas78 Feb 12, 2010
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calvinl Feb 12, 2010
Isn't chrysanthemum a flower?
calvinl Feb 12, 2010
Oh yeah, nm. It's painted with them. :)
TechnoMan205 Feb 12, 2010
Not the Bankai I wanted but any is better than none. ^_^
JetsFan1 Feb 12, 2010
ha ha just what i need
Militiaman Feb 12, 2010
Kendo Rocks, however I think since its a real sword not a kmart krappy, I think I would be too tempted to start hacking at random objects.
DealOrNoDeal Feb 12, 2010
kissme Feb 12, 2010
hm... whos in to KENDO?
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