$1 coins for $1 each, plus points on your rewards credit card

1. Go to usmint.gov where you can choose a box of 250 of $1 coins, limit two boxes (500 total) per type of coin selected. These are real US currency.

2. Shipping should be free on the final checkout page (the page which asks for your credit card number). Final price for 250 coins are $250, and 500 coins are $500.

3. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express is accepted. Use a card that gives points/rewards.

4. Keep any coins that you want for yourself, and take the remaining coins to any bank and deposit them into your checking account. Pay off your credit card purchase with the cash you just deposited.
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What's the matter?
Sep 18, 2009
working great...takes them about a week to ship, but I've been getting 2% back on my household bank card with no issues
Sep 04, 2009
Has anyone checked their actual credit card bill for shipping charges? The web site explicitly says that shipping is NOT included in the merchandise total; it is added separately. And on the last page, although the "Total" line does not include shipping, a shipping charge still appears on the page.

Looks to me like shipping is not free.
Sep 02, 2009
great arbitrage opportunity... I might actually do this to make some coin... get it... get it..
Sep 02, 2009
Shipping is not free
rickwagner50 Sep 02, 2009
Shipping is 1% of the total ($4.95 on $500 purchase). I think you will lose in the long run factoring in the gas you take going to the bank countless times.
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zulugrid Sep 02, 2009
Shipping is free. It displays $4.95 until you get to the final checkout page, and which point it shows $0.00 for shipping. (This is as stated in the deal above...)
Sep 01, 2009
credit card companies don't give you points for things like this.
zulugrid Sep 01, 2009
I use American Express Blue. They give cashback for ANY purchase, including coins from the mint.
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zulugrid Sep 01, 2009
I'm in for $500
Sep 01, 2009
I've been able to get at least $750 in my cart at any one time. Now, to increase my CC limit some more. This is basically a 1% return on your investment. With a 10K limit on a spare CC, that's a free $100/mo per card. You can actually expand this to like $500 if you have a spare 20K in savings--Ring up the charge, pay 10K from savings. Order again. When coins arrive, deposit and repeat.
Dunno how long I can keep it up though. Your CC company will probably start throwing hissy fits. Also, all deposits of 10K or more at your bank will have to be reported to the government, so you'll have to keep deposits under $5K. That, and I don't know how much your bank would like you if you turned in $5K every day.

Still, if you've got like $20K and a $10K CC limit, you're in business. You could probably get 5 cycles/mo. $100 each time = $500/mo. With 4 cards, you won't have to work anymore...although you'll be bringing $200K in change to your bank every month, AND you'll have to deal with $200K in change being delivered to you every month. If I decide to drop out, I might have to consider doing this.
skyk Sep 01, 2009
Very smart!!
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cxwq Sep 01, 2009
Until they get backed up on shipping and your 18% interest rate credit card goes unpaid for a month while you wait for your coins...
tpatru Sep 02, 2009
Actually, most places won't charge your credit card until they actually ship your purchase.