College Students: 1 year Free Amazon Prime membership

Amazon is offering a one year Amazon Prime Membership for free to college students. Amazon Prime offers unlimited free two-day shipping on books and other items with no minimum order size. Requires a valid .edu e-mail address. Read the FAQ for details and restrictions.
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What's the matter?
buzzdogear777 Jul 24, 2010
This is an awesome deal! I've gotten all my school books already!
myccbb Jul 13, 2010
If you have a .edu email and it won't work call or email Amazon and explain that to them and they might be able to help -
djinhwan Jul 13, 2010
fezlopez Jul 13, 2010
Yep, worked great and flawlessly! Just make sure to type out your email and not copy/paste because it won't work!
Briz47 Jul 13, 2010
Worked great, amazing deal.
kffight3r Jul 13, 2010
does this automatically cancel a year from now or do we have to call in?
Perkalicious11 Jul 19, 2010
If you log into your Amazon account, there's a page for Prime settings. By default, it'll be set to automatically renew and bill your credit card once the trial expires. You can uncheck it and incur no charges.

If you forget to uncheck it and the notice the $79 charge, it can be refunded as long as you haven't used the Prime shipping since it renewed.
Perkalicious11 Jul 28, 2010
I just read something else that said this won't auto-renew; it'll just quit on you after the year. Now I'm not sure what to believe. BUT if I were you I'd log into your Amazon account and monitor the Prime settings just to be sure.

I'm also a fan of setting a calendar alarm for approximately 350 days from your signup date do you don't forget to check on it.
BluParadox Jul 12, 2010
Doesn't seem to work if your school as a subdomain in the email address - for example mine is

Serious bummer :(
mrcartoon11 Jul 13, 2010
nope. mine is the same way, try it again, cuz mine is and it works, do it on your computer, because I tried it on my iPhone and was having problems with it...
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aceforever Jul 13, 2010

I just tried that and it works!
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tonman23 Jul 12, 2010
prodigy311 Jul 12, 2010
So what happens if I already have a prime membership?
Perkalicious11 Jul 19, 2010
some amount will be refunded to you, prorated based on how long ago you purchased your membership at $79.

21.6ยข * days left on your paid membership = refund
dlee87 Jul 12, 2010
This is good one!
thank you
AnneZ1 Jul 12, 2010
Awesome! I order from Amazon at least twice weekly. This is the best offer! I love!
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Jtelford Jul 12, 2010
Incredible deal!
wannabecool Jul 12, 2010
My school is in the drop down list but they don't give us email accounts so I have no .edu address... what a bummer!
furquanatique Jul 12, 2010
If your school is on the list, it should offer you a student .edu email inbox. Try contacting student services, you may have an email address but not know about it because they're normally only needed for online classes.
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thoughtfish Jul 12, 2010
My school's email address goes through google, so its "". Amazon says it was invalid. :( Lame!
tm8644 Jul 24, 2010
My school has recently change to google provider but should be the same. so it should work.
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thoughtfish Aug 03, 2010
Three weeks ago it said it was invalid and Amazon told me tough luck. Today, it works. Huzzah!
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fluffy Jul 12, 2010
Fluffy is *SO* happy that Mrs. Fluffy is back in college!
furquanatique Jul 12, 2010
Whoa! Im stoked! Just signed up and changed the shipping speed of my order in progress from Supersaver (5-9 days) to Amazon Prime (2 days) for free!
DragonMaster25 Jul 12, 2010
Nothing like free!
nosmex Jul 12, 2010
Yeah baby!!!
skoal2007 Jul 12, 2010
will they send any promotion email to the edu email acount? i dont like that.
tuannam79 Jul 13, 2010
No, the only email they will send to your edu address is the activation one. Other emails will be sent to your email associated with the Amazon account.
tyspeed29 Jul 12, 2010
Awesome. Great find
gdog05 Jul 12, 2010
Well worth the $80/yr, freakin' awesome @ free.
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Plustastic Jul 12, 2010
this is a pretty rockin deal. im gunna tell everybody i know thats still in college, thanks for the post! just think of the free shipping on text books... and beer helmets
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skyk Jul 12, 2010
The best free prime offer!!
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