Free Personalized Flask from Copenhagen

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What's the matter?
blt995 Apr 30, 2011
cant get in! Waste of time!
jmucha1202 Apr 30, 2011
Got mine today thanks again!
Nov 19, 2009
does anybody know what card is for
Oct 26, 2009
Did not receive the lid I appied for. What do I do now? rigderunner.
Oct 22, 2009
Did not receive lid and I am unable to get into web site to find out any information.
Oct 05, 2009
o got mine its sweet
Oct 01, 2009
i did not get my
Sep 27, 2009
Thank lid, took awhile...but come on guys it was free and very nice at that. Thanks again. Rosie
Sep 17, 2009
Have tried everything but I can't get into your site. I have changed by e-mail provider to GMAIL.COM. After more than 30 years as a user of your product, this is kind of infurating
Sep 11, 2009
I gave all information that was asked of me and submited it. I was told it would take
up to 5 weeks it's now been 8 weeks and no lid. I have been buying cop over 20yrs
this is how I'm phonetreated? Of course no phone number to call them, whats up with that?
Sep 10, 2009
my lid didnt come in
Sep 09, 2009
Wouldn't let me open the site
Sep 04, 2009
wouldnt let me on
Sep 02, 2009
Got mine last week. Good looking lid. Not quite the same as the ones that were out 20 years ago.
Aug 31, 2009
they would knot let me verifie my name&age
Aug 26, 2009
Worked great. I wish I would've been able to get more. They are nice solid lids.
Aug 21, 2009
received mine yesterday and it is really cool works great. It has the Buck on it looks great
Aug 20, 2009
did not receive it.
Aug 20, 2009
been waiting for my lid got package came today open it up and i received two coupons and no lid now how can i get my lid thanks
Aug 20, 2009
Damm! yall quit cryin. I got my lid, no problem. It was free you people. Thanks Cope. You rock!
Aug 19, 2009
got mine in the mail... I had forgot about it..... BAM... good ol USPS...
Aug 19, 2009
i got it today!
Aug 18, 2009
u have to put it over ur orignal lid
Aug 15, 2009
Got my lid in the mail today , but it fits way too loose . Don't think I'll be using it . Looks good though . I like long cut cope . Could it be the lid would fit better on your plastic cans ? If not it will make a good target for plinking .
Aug 12, 2009
worked perfect did take a while to get it but it was a surprise when it came!! Super cool!!
Aug 11, 2009
i love copenhagen !!!
thats the first thing in my mouth in the morning
shit i cud wake up and have it already in id sleep better
copenhagen snuff is deeelicious
Aug 07, 2009
cause i couldnt get through
Aug 05, 2009
it has been 12 weeks and nothing but my buddy got his today and he ordered long after I did
Dantheman Aug 04, 2009
it worked for me got my lid today thanks cowboyup
Aug 04, 2009
entired contest and did not receive lid
Aug 04, 2009
cause it didn't
Aug 03, 2009
I don't know why it didn't work !
Aug 03, 2009
I tried to sign up with you people and every time I do ya'll say that my name or my e-mail address is already being used???? To whom it may concern but that is completely " BOGUS " ( not true )I would very much appreciate if you would find out what the deal is. For you see for ya'll to get all my personal information then to say some thing like what you said , I feel as if ya'll have VIOLATED me. I think some one needs to turn ya'll in to the better buissness bearu or better yet start telling the public what you guys are doing over the computer. I bet the government don't know huh? Thanks for nothing you violaters!!!