Comes to Your Mobile Phone (in Beta)! Comes to Your Mobile Phone (in Beta)!
Get out your iPhones, and smartphones, and cell phones, because we have a job at hand. The mobile version of is up and running in beta, and it needs dedicated users like you to give it a spin.

So, head to and check it out. And once you've taken some time to browse, be sure to leave a comment or shoot us an e-mail to let us know what you think. Are you having trouble viewing images? Is it taking a long time to load the page? Are the links bringing you where you wanna go? Is everything functioning flawlessly ... ?

Whatever the case may be, we wanna know how mobile is working for you. We look forward to hearing back!
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What's the matter?
nimrodboy3 Mar 14, 2010
just wondering if any updates are headed for this mobile version.
titicuervo Mar 02, 2010
This is great! You guys are the best! Always doing new and great things!
acompdude Feb 23, 2010
Glad to see a mobile version! Looks great too!
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InternetCEO Feb 23, 2010
Im on the Dealplus Mobil page using my Blackberry 8820 and I noticed that it doesnt gray out the expired prices on the expired deals like it does on the regular webpage. Mobile version doesnt give us the option to hide expired deals either. I think it would be better to automatically hide the expired deals on the Mobil page or at least give us that option since it takes longer to load on a mobil device. Most people would be using this for a quick price comparison and loading expired deals on a Mobil device is just gonna slow them down. Other than that, I think the Mobil page looks awesome.
grajasekar Feb 23, 2010
Good. Now I can browse when I'm at my college with my N79 without having to wait for the whole damn page to load.
PGLUKHOV Feb 22, 2010
finally. Now I'll be here 24/7!
cvlucero Feb 22, 2010
Looks great on my Blackberry Bold...will make it way easier to use the site away from home! Thanx!
yuwaneli Feb 22, 2010
Nice. I use samsung eternity. It takes a lil bit of time to load. other than that i really like it. keep up hte good work!
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fifisexorama Feb 22, 2010
super awesome, can't wait to try this out
shalom24 Feb 22, 2010
Very nice! I do have some possible input though, I would agree that yes, a 'fresh deals' tab would be neat, so we could plus recent listings. And I also agree that I'm not quite sure what I think about the logo/background.. just doesn't quite seem like the site I'm used, however, I could probably get used to it. And about aesthetics, personally I have no idea how to code a website, but I'd think it'd be pretty cool to have the '# of plusses' be highlighted in some fashion, maybe by having a colored block of some sort behind it? And lastly, if there was a way to choose how many items per page it shows that'd be pretty sweet.
In any case, great job! It seems to run nice and smooth!
diggplus Feb 22, 2010
sarahdzny Feb 22, 2010
GREAT Update!
nimrodboy3 Feb 22, 2010
working fine for me thus far, however there are a few things that i noticed:

1. the logo is different (though cool, it's not the DP that i know)
2. adding a "fresh" tab might very very handy
3. adding the categories somehow might be very handy for those who want to browese
4. talking about tabs and categories, maybe if there were a way to individually choose which you wanted to see there. for instance, i could purposely choose to have a "community" and "fresh" tab, and make it so i don't have the "coupon" tab
5. it would be nice if i could sign in and see my own personal stats

all right..that's all for now..great job DP.
nimrodboy3 Feb 22, 2010
man..sometimes i'd really enjoy an "edit" button here =P.
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nimrodboy3 Feb 22, 2010
6. since i can't sign in, i can't "plus" deals or comments
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nimrodboy3 Feb 23, 2010
7. sometimes i'd like to comment, but i can't at the moment.
nimrodboy3 Feb 26, 2010
8. The details don't show up, which means that discount codes don't always show up for the viewers to know how to get the discounted price.
nimrodboy3 Feb 22, 2010
muertos22 Feb 22, 2010
finally! totally cool, gunna check it out
SaleRack Feb 22, 2010
Awesome. Looks great on my iPhone!
potmilkz Feb 22, 2010
Just a suggestion:

add a "fresh" tab so we can see what users post up deals that are recent.
nimrodboy3 Feb 22, 2010
definitely the first thing that i wanted to comment on.
DealOrNoDeal Feb 22, 2010
wow thats really awesome
rathanraja Feb 22, 2010
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