- Looking Better than Ever - Looking Better than Ever
If you couldn't tell by the new color scheme and the shnazzy logo in the upper left corner, has had a makeover! Things are still in the works and the goal is to make things better for you the user. We're hoping to just keep getting better and better and continuing to provide a reliable and useful service. We shall be celebrating the new look in style and have a very special giveaway planned for everyone! So keep a look out for that. It should be hitting within the hour.

In the meantime, we would love to hear back from all of you about the new design. We have some directions we know we'd like to go, but knowing where you want us to go is even more useful! Feel free to leave thoughts, opinions, and feedback below in the comments.
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What's the matter?
dlmoney Sep 10, 2010
looks pretty!
walleseva Apr 26, 2010
Recently found this great site, and it helped me a lot!!! Thx for the excellent job:-)
dolls123 Apr 08, 2010
I don't care what color the website is I come here for deals. So as long as I get that the website site is AWESOME !!!!
dolls123 Apr 08, 2010
This was meant to all the complainers ;)
jeepzy3 Apr 03, 2010
Well, all I can say is I recently started coming to this site daily and was thinking to myself, why wasn't I coming here more often already? This must be the answer - the new look. I don't even remember what it used to look like. I find it appealing to the eye and very organized. I am able to find deals which I missed before. Great Job, Great Layout which brings me back day after day now :)
JessicaClark Mar 28, 2010
Nice site... how did the old one look like? I am new here! hey everyone
vectra5 Mar 24, 2010
It seems that majority of DP users who left comments on this page lean towards going back to the old design or at least preserving the green color instead of blue. It would be really beneficial for all of us if mods would let us know what was behind the brand change? Personally I am curious to find out the thought process of mods behind this change
balagyi Mar 19, 2010
love the layout how you put things and design. but it will be nicer if you replace blue with original deaplus's green as it is unique for dealpl. great job.
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isac605 Mar 19, 2010
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BillMann Mar 19, 2010
When i first saw the new look i was thinking i was on the wrong site. But everything seems to be in order and fine.
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idbar Mar 19, 2010
Hahaha, Same here, I was thinking if I made a typo, and the friends at got themselves a meme. But, blue is fine for a change.
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DJEAGLES Mar 19, 2010
Love the new look
ramana_forums Mar 19, 2010
looks great..
Texas_Aggie Mar 19, 2010
I just want to give two thumbs up to the designers of the new look. The old site design was great, but the new look gives it a fresh feel. Great job DP team!
johng333 Mar 19, 2010
Hate the new look. You developed a brand image and have completely changed it. I thought that my browser had been hijacked or that the domain was hijacked and almost left when I first saw the new design.

Being in marketing I will tell you that once you develop a brand image for as long as deals plus has changing it so dramatically will cause you to lose people unless you spend a significant amount of money and effort to "sell" the new brand.

Start with explaining why you changed and the reason should be compelling. If you suddenly decided you don't like green then you did not think this through. Imagine if Sears suddenly changed from blue to pink or if Microsoft changed from blue to pink. These changes have a significant effect on the consumer.

Green currently has several subliminal messages - green is the color of money or saving money, green is socially seen as good (like a white hat on a cowboy) because it is associated with being good for the environment or clean energy, green represents new as in spring ( as in buying new things).

Did you do any market testing? Any focus group testing? Did you devise a new marketing strategy? You don't have to spend a lot of money to do these things. A few thousand dollars would tell you the impact of a color and design change that could represent a change in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.

My opinion is that it was a big mistake to make the change. In addition you should have been announcing the coming change for months. If you did announce the change you did not say it "loud" enough because I come here at least 1 time a day and never "heard" of the change.

If you want some input from a person with marketing experience contact me.
bossusa Mar 19, 2010
Nicely said, love it.
Texas_Aggie Mar 19, 2010
I dunno... I have no marketing experience what-so-ever (though I do have web design experience), and I can tell you that changing from green to blue is not going to make me go use another website.

In my opinion, I think this change will lead to additional customers over time.

I can also tell you that a blue website will not bring as much attention to my boss, who may or may not be looking over my shoulder during office hours, which means I can leave the website up in the background on my desktop.

And here is one more thing to think about... blue and white is a color combination that most people like. You mentioned Sears... its blue. Microsoft... blue. Twitter,Facebook,Google, Wikipedia,Blogger, Bing... all blue or at least white with blue text. Sounds like several big companies seem to be successful with blue, and out of the top ten overall websites on Alexa... not one of them is green.

I think people fear / don't like change. So many users will not like the additional look (and will use it as something to complain about), but over time it is accepted.

Go Here To View The look changes over time:*/

I think they've done a great job. As for alerting changes to users... meh. I don't need a advanced notification if you're going to change the look and feel on me. I only need notification when you're going to change functionality on me.

That's just my 2 cents. Again, great job design team!
johng333 Mar 19, 2010
I'll make you a deal - I won't say I don't know much about web design but I can create a site on Godaddy and think that I understand web design.

1. New Coke
Changing a brand or a perception of a brand is a big deal. It can be done and has been done with great success and great failure.

Not doing market testing, not doing user group testing, not clearly defining why you made the change all lead to failure.

"Get social start saving" is the tag line. The community provides the deals and decides which are best. Would it not have been a good idea to "Get social" and involve the community in testing the design?

2. Xerox changes from blue to red
Huge deal for a billion dollar company to make that move and they did it while Xerox was still the biggest player in their market. Why did they do it? Because IBM and others were blue and they did not want to blend in.

Imagine if Lowes went orange. Would that help or hurt Lowes vs Home Depot?

Green WAS the dealsplus identity. Can you change it? Yes. Should you change it? It depends on why you are doing it.

Looking like Facebook, Twitter is a horrible reason. FYI you now also look much more like Ben's Bargains, Dealnews, Buydig and a dozen other deal sites.

A unique identity is invaluable in marketing.

3. Social networking + selling = social selling
For a site built on social aspect dealsplus blew it. Involving people doing testing to determine the reaction is basic marketing. Involving the community in making the aware of the changes is not only common sense it is a core part of the site.

Make people aware of the change, announce it every day, have a contest around it, plan the change months in advance and have an event to launch it (special deals, contests, community involvement, etc..)

The concept of dealsplus is that the site is just a shell for the community but this change shows that the community is just a tool for the sight.

While the die hard fans of Dealsplus will all have favorable reviews and will adapt, they are not the one to worry about. For a community to thrive it must grow, for it to grow it must maintain its die hard fans while attracting new users.

Changing your identity without involving your die hard fans, losing your brand image which will cost you some growth (at least initially), failing to define change or to capitalize on the change will hurt dealsplus.

So while some will like it and put down my response (even with no marketing experience) what they fail to understand is I like dealsplus and want to use it so my constructive criticism is to help this site thrive.

Being a fanboy and simply saying you like it is nice but just because you like a piece of art does not mean it will be shown at Guggenheim.
puppyshy82 Mar 19, 2010
I love blue, but I like the green better...stands out more...I'll check out the rest of the stuff soon!! Way to go dealsplus!
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ruggdruss Mar 19, 2010
GO GREEN! The color says a lot about this site... I definitely associate the color green with I would guess that I'm not the only one who feels this way.
chicagolefty Mar 19, 2010
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twiztedX3 Mar 19, 2010
I like the site... Good point of view but the green was more related to the site.. Good work to test the page out :)
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the629 Mar 19, 2010
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steffenc73 Mar 18, 2010
I really like the new setup alot, but I also miss the green
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nimrodboy3 Mar 18, 2010
i like blue..but i'm used to the green. the green reminds me of saving money, which is what the site is about. the font itself..i'm not sure how i feel about that one yet. as for the giveaway..awesome...thanks. so far...looks like it's only for tweeters, though...unless there's more on the way.

it's great to see DP evolving, though. good stuff.
anhdungvo11 Mar 18, 2010
some color for back ground please -
patrick835 Mar 18, 2010
bring back the green. don't you see the whole world is going green?
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dell_b130 Mar 18, 2010
I like the green theme
mistschen Mar 18, 2010
I miss the green layout.
teardrp1 Mar 18, 2010
greater usability and interface capability
lesser color palette/visual environment than original
you want the power of facebook without the bland look
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chicagolefty Mar 18, 2010
I think the new layout is horrible, and reminds me of spam sites. I thought I typed the link in wrong...
AKaddanotherA Mar 19, 2010
What about it says spam to you?
calvinl Mar 18, 2010
Great job guys, I like the new design. Green was cool but blue is more futuristic. :)
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gurktomat Mar 18, 2010
I don't like it. The green was cool.
szpren Mar 18, 2010
I'm also like the former version, green.
lora22b3 Mar 18, 2010
i like green better :)
mxracer46x Mar 18, 2010
My first thought was WOW this is cool!!! Then I was like but wait I liked the way everything was before...Then I started to look at everything and the change was growing on me. After 10 minutes of looking at everything I'm convinced I do like this way better. The green is probably more relaxing but relaxing can be boring. Change is good!
PGLUKHOV Mar 18, 2010
I like the green theme, but what you can do is have a green theme as well, and just have it randomly load. Not too hard to do with some simple PHP...if you're into that stuff ;)
JWZ954 Mar 18, 2010
or i wish we can have the option to change to personalized color of backgrand.
JWZ954 Mar 18, 2010
the blue color is too cold.
magik Mar 18, 2010
Blue is so over-played. It looked great in green... ah well.
chicagolefty Mar 19, 2010
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newguy Mar 18, 2010
No more "Submit" button now change to "Share" button.
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newguy Mar 18, 2010
I like the new design but I do like the old color. Just now when I opened this website...I was shock, I thought something happened with my screen (I thought my kid played with my computer :))
Overall is good change. :)
galenvan Mar 18, 2010
Blue is my favorite color. That being said, I like the green scheme much better. I also miss the curves on the buttons and some of the tabs. They made the site look softer.
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wonder Mar 18, 2010
okay i like it but the old green was more relaxing as this blue in white theme kinda annoys the eye .plus the deals are less visible . and every color is melting with each other so i can't really see what I'm looking for . a cool look but i certainly won't want to stare at it for long ,and that's what a new look should really be for to get more traffic to the site and get more reach
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hemalaa Mar 18, 2010
kevin1979 Mar 18, 2010
I like the logo, but it's a little too "fat". Could be streamlined a bit. Also the greyish-blue scheme is a little too cold and not inviting like the green was. I think if I was a first time visitor I wouldn't likely be hooked in and might not return.
BeHappy Mar 18, 2010
I'm not sure "thin" is streamlined. Take a look at Twitter or even Facebook. Or even a competitor like coupon cabin which is definitely "fatter".
kevin1979 Mar 18, 2010
Either way it doesn't look as good as the previous logo. It looks amateurish and like it's from a template, honestly.
gonnagettaviper Mar 18, 2010
I liked the old color scheme just fine, but this looks good as well. Just will take some getting used to.
maven3 Mar 18, 2010
As far as the site aesthetics, I really like the layout and simplicity/presentation of information (better than the competition in my opinion). And a little facelift/refresh is always nice :)

I have to agree with the others though, green is familiar, how about a theme option in the profile settings? As for general site suggestions, I'd like to see:
- Better duplicate URL detection (I know you guys know about this). Or maybe just a better way to merge/delete dupes that doesn't take as much work for the mods.
- A better way to filter and/or list freebies that have shipping costs
- Also, maybe one of the giveaways can be for updating existing deals

So yeah, keep up the great work! I enjoy the site and like the friendly community :)
rendraco Mar 18, 2010
Wow... I LIKE IT! Was used to the 'dp-Green' a lot though..
branie Mar 18, 2010
Nice makeover. I love the color blue so I am loving it!!! Change is good!!!
holyseung Mar 18, 2010
not too shabby. i like it!
i like the blue
jdmacman Mar 18, 2010
Boy, that new banner takes up a lot of room at the top. Still, nice design.
eniqmaX2 Mar 18, 2010
I missed the green.....This blue looks like bensbargain blue.
tjrk4u Mar 18, 2010
I missed the green too. The new color is OK.. not so attractive like Green
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bossusa Mar 18, 2010
I like the design, but can we please keep it greeen, it is been green for years, the color of American money, they go together..
shalom24 Mar 18, 2010
'The color of money'... I think you might be on to something there.. the blue just doesn't quite seem to resemble that. I do like that 'plus pattern' across the top. And that green plus for an icon was pretty neat too, maybe just change it to match the new 'plus pattern'?
niceguy Mar 18, 2010
still green on the page though. ;D
Vickz Mar 18, 2010
Like the green also... the design looks good though, but I think in green should be better. Well, just personal color preference I guess.
heinzdong Mar 18, 2010
Looks great! I like the new theme!