Nokia N97 Unlocked Smartphone

1. Add to cart for $379.99
2. Use code "70RXTDM9XL630M" to drop price
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What's the matter?
shadowboi45 Apr 10, 2010
first code works, but expiring soon (4/11) second one doesn't work
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yentran77 Apr 09, 2010
the code didn't work!!!
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r4dsli Apr 09, 2010
I like this Nokia cell phone.Perfect...
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Manduhh Apr 08, 2010
I see the price at $449.99 when i try to order it :S
still cheaper than other places :)
Plustastic Apr 08, 2010
cool, been looking to get a new phone, thanks for the post! im gunna look into this one. does anybody have it?
hamstergirl Mar 03, 2010
thanks anhdungvo11for the price update
Willams Mar 02, 2010
good deal, thanks
SlayerK Feb 11, 2010
Seriously not a bad deal at all for an unlocked new smartphone. If I didn't have verizon I would get it. But...I risk them telling me to F-off and they won't activate it.
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shadowboi45 Feb 11, 2010
total comes to 410.00 because of the TAX $30.00,but still cheap for brand new~~
kissme Feb 11, 2010
i need $$$.. i still have this dumbass regular phone.. psse me off
weeeve Feb 11, 2010
Comparison of Nokia N97 mini and N97:

1. N97: 117.2 x 55.3 x 15.9 mm;
N97 mini 113 x 52.5 x 14.2 mm
2. mini: Loses the sliding lens cover and sturdier build
3. Mini: More responsive keyboard with moved FN Key and bigger spacebar
4. Mini: Replaced D-Pad with directional arrow keys
5. Mini: Reduced internal memory to 8GB
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Acarone Jan 30, 2010
code works (i wonder how long it will be available)
kefayati Jan 30, 2010
will it worth it given the new nokia n900 is out?
hairitis Jan 30, 2010
price drop
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DealFinder86 Dec 03, 2009
i'll take one #9 please