Don’t Think Chrome OS Will Compete With iPad? Watch This Video.

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What's the matter?
Feb 03, 2010
Since the screen is so big, it'd be almost a workout for your arms after navigating on this tablet for 30+ minutes. If this is as small as the iPad, then I'd say there is some degree of usefulness in this thing.

Any tablet screen above 14" should really give the user a "touchpad-application" option on its bottom right/left corner, so if the user does get tired of moving their arms around, they can switch to a mini touchpad.
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smallzfsu Feb 03, 2010
You know whats great about that concept they're showing you? Its just that, a concept. You know whats not a concept? The iPad, its real. Nice try google.
idbar Feb 03, 2010
Well, literally, the iPad is not real yet. They are not even selling. So both are marketing their products.

If I had the money though, I'd aim for the Lenovo IdeaPad U1 (the press release went under the table thanks to all the Apple buzz about the iPad)
drk987 Feb 03, 2010
nimrodboy3 Feb 02, 2010
AKaddanotherA Feb 02, 2010
I'm always impressed with Google. Definitely a company that pushes forward.