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Dropbox now offers up to 19.018 GB free storage

Expires: 12/31/11

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Instant 2.25 GB for installation + 768 MB Facebook/Twitter connection + 8 GB referrals + 8 GB student bonus:
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Dropbox (L1)
Nov 25, 2010
My husband and I are data administrators at two separate corporations and have tried all the popular storage solutions (Dropbox, Mozy, SugarSyc, Carbonite, CD's, HD's, etc.).

Dropbox beats the others in each of four key categories: automatic file sync, off-site data backup, high-grade security, and easy sharing.

Dropbox is simple but encrypted & secure. They never spam or take ads--and simply gain revenue from storage sales. Many Dropbox members will get by with the total potential 19.018 GB they give you for free.

Join Dropbox through this link & maximize your storage to 19.018 GB FREE:
Snapp (L5)
Nov 25, 2010
Longtime member... how do you get the bonus student 8GB?
Dropbox (L1)
Nov 25, 2010
After installing Dropbox (, go to:

Up to 8 GB of your referral credits double instantly (up to 16 GB). You'll get 500 MB per referral for all your past and future friends who join.

Get 768 MB more space instantly at:

...and you'll then have 19.018 GB TOTAL storage FREE.

How awesome is that?

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