This deal is expired!

Energizer Industrial 24 AA Batteries per Pack - EN91

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What's the matter?
kodell Feb 09, 2010
They didn't honor their mistakes! I'll be hesitant to do any future business with these folks!
mehome Feb 09, 2010
byu1980 Feb 08, 2010
Price was $19.79 - with no coupon code or other special code, doesn't appear to work.
mAmphetamine Feb 08, 2010
Damnit!! The price is $19.79 now... should have jumped on this last night when I had the chance D:~
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unlistedj Feb 08, 2010
everyone needs batteries might as well get them cheap.
psplove Feb 08, 2010
Wow, great Deal!
AmyKat Feb 08, 2010
The seller has changed their price. This deal is no longer available.
MediaSolutions Feb 08, 2010
Unfortunately due to a pricing error on our website, we are unable to process your order for Energizer batteries. Orders paid with paypal will be refunded immediately. Credit card orders have been deleted and no credit cards were charged for this item. We apologize for the inconvenience.
furquanatique Feb 08, 2010
*sigh* I guess its back to my NiMH Batteries... lol
chicagolefty Feb 09, 2010
I have not received a refund
mtyducs Feb 08, 2010
I placed 2 orders last night about 5 minutes apart.....and in between those 2 orders, about 50 other new orders were placed looking at my order numbers. How many order were placed in the last 24 hours....I doubt their inventory is that big!
tjrk4u Feb 08, 2010
hope we did not bring th site down or it is that I could be browsng from iPhone :)

But a terrific find Boss!

Thank you for visiting! We are currently performing scheduled maintenance and updates on the website.

We will be back online to serve you within 15 minutes to an hour.

Thank you for your patience!
gdog05 Feb 08, 2010
I ordered using PayPal last night. If it holds, it is indeed a good deal. I'm trying to use rechargeables only these days, but mercury free 9v batteries for the 20 something smoke alarms in the house, not to mention C batteries for the Maglites and then AA and AAA for everything else, pretty awesome deal.
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furquanatique Feb 08, 2010
Main page reads:

"Thank you for visiting! We are currently performing scheduled maintenance and updates on the website.

We will be back online to serve you within 15 minutes to an hour.

Thank you for your patience!"

Seems like they did make a pricing error and are fixing it! :D
orealcream Feb 08, 2010
i can't believe this is still available!
supersuper00 Feb 08, 2010
Just ordered 5... hope they honor my order and also the batteries expiration date is longer than a year...
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kodell Feb 08, 2010
Just bought $9 worth. Feel comfortable since I can use PayPal. For $9 it's worth the risk - hopefully it'll end up being a great find!
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savetheday Feb 07, 2010
this is too good of a deal. something's not right here.
wonder Feb 07, 2010
the seller website has a ranking of 2,378,209 , not a place i would buy from
mtyducs Feb 07, 2010
That is by far the best deal i have ever seen.....anywhere! Thats assuming these batteries work!! You should win a "giveaways prize" automatically for this one!
dlkmadness Feb 07, 2010
i think!! boss!! way to go!
furquanatique Feb 07, 2010
Its deals like these that make this site (and its posters) so awesome!
furquanatique Feb 07, 2010
Though I agree with bossusa, seems like a price mistake.
GraceurFace Feb 07, 2010
I ordered with creditcard. It was free shipping for me.
GraceurFace Feb 07, 2010
great deal. =)
chicagolefty Feb 07, 2010
Ordered 7 packs of AA and 2 packs of AAA for $4. Really hope this goes through!

Also, free shipping worked for me too via paypal
heinzdong Feb 07, 2010
I just noticed that AA is 'per pack' but AAA without any words like that. So it means AAA is sold not by 'pack' but by 'piece'??
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chicagolefty Feb 07, 2010
I'll take the $0.88 risk
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subtitles Feb 07, 2010
Google Checkout forces $10 shipping, but I used paypal and it seems to have worked.
bossusa Feb 07, 2010
Seems like a price mistake, ordered anyways, use paypal...
mrswoodward Feb 07, 2010
Great price for 24 batteries...
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gizmo12688 Feb 07, 2010
Just ordered. Let's see if it works. 24 batteries for $.44 is quite a deal.....