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Feature Giveaway: Win an iPod Touch! ( members only)

Feature Giveaway: Win an iPod Touch! ( members only)
You may have noticed the recently added ability to follow other users on This is a new feature, and to test it out we're starting up another giveaway. This time you can win an iPod Touch and here's how:

1. Follow at least one user
2. Get at least one user to follow you

Complete the above two and you'll be entered. Read below for more details. Check the Giveaways tab for your entry status.

Q: How do I follow a user?
A. You can find the follow button next to a user's profile on any deal page or on their profile page.

Q: What happens when I follow a user?
A. Once you follow a user, you become their fan. This means that you can choose to receive a stream of deals that are posted only by the people who you're following.

Contest ends March 4, 2010. Winners will be announced on March 5, 2010 on this deal page. We'll also send a message to the winners to their DP inbox.

OKOK.. now the long waited annoucement:
Congrats to becwill, you are the winner of the iPod Touch!~ (is following fun? Did you get to talk to others on dp?)

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What's the matter?
becwill Mar 05, 2010
Wow...I am overwhelmed at winning this! Thank you very, very much and to all of you for all of your well-wishes! I rarely win anything so this is an incredible surprise. I am very much enjoying this site and the friendly people who use it. It has been a lot of fun finding deals to post, reading nice comments posted by everyone, and taking advantage of some of the deals posted here by users. Thank you once again and to everyone -- my very best wishes to you with the giveaways and future deals! ~ becwill
hamstergirl Mar 05, 2010
winner is: becwill, congrats!
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nimrodboy3 Mar 05, 2010
congrats becwill =)..enjoy!
PGLUKHOV Mar 05, 2010
twinsploitation Mar 05, 2010
Way to go!
nimrodboy3 Mar 05, 2010
good luck all.
twinsploitation Mar 05, 2010
Hmm. I wonder who the lucky winner is...?
hemalaa Mar 05, 2010
Where is the results of repution giveaway? Anyone who got 10 or higher reputation won?
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bossusa Mar 05, 2010
what happened to ipod touch giveway that ended 3/2/10, no winnner was ever annonced, and giveway taken off the site....
dshapdesign Mar 05, 2010
I was wondering that myself.
SugarLily Mar 05, 2010
I found it under freebies. It doesn't have a winner yet. So cross your fingers, we still have a chance :)
Sundevil Mar 05, 2010
yes, cannot find it either.
missblaze38 Mar 04, 2010
good luck every 1:)
Dianna59 Mar 03, 2010
Hey I'm new here; I would love to win this for my niece who will be 18 on the 10th; she has cerebral palsy and I love her alot. She has an iPod but her sister and her boyfriend broke it and that has been 2 years ago? Someone please follow me? Thanks!
gilliamzoo Mar 02, 2010
I'll follow you if you follow me. Thanks!
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Dianna59 Mar 03, 2010
I'll follow you, please follow me asap. Thanks!
justblazed12 Feb 25, 2010
Whoever follow me then I'll follow you too =)
jellosheriff Feb 26, 2010
Okay. Please follow me, too.
CruisnGrrl Feb 23, 2010
I'll follow whom ever follows me.
wmartboi Feb 23, 2010
Follow me! I will follow you!
daren771 Feb 26, 2010
Just followed you. Please follow me back. Thanks!
stephaniesilk Feb 23, 2010
I will follow if you do!
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jsnsdr Feb 23, 2010
ok now follow me
ocean0813 Feb 23, 2010
i wlll follow you, now please somebody else follow me. thank you.
AGorilla Feb 23, 2010
I have followed you.
gerlert_fav2005 Feb 17, 2010
oh! O.O
I will follow someone if they follow me! I don't mind to help! ^_^
jellosheriff Feb 26, 2010
Following you. Please return the favor?
waterbluff Feb 16, 2010
want this prize its a great product
n1kk117 Feb 15, 2010
someone follow me i'll follow them
cjg7705 Feb 15, 2010
I will follow you, thanks
iggabod Feb 12, 2010
My profile says done and done :)
duanggirl Feb 17, 2010
i will follow you
ThePriceIsRight Feb 12, 2010
Zach2010 Feb 10, 2010
Someone Please Follow Me! I'll Follow You!
Kaylovely Feb 11, 2010
I followed you. =)
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Lilllie Feb 07, 2010
my ipod just broke, this will be AWESOME if i can win this!!

i post some Good deals so whoever likes my deals can add me. and ill check out your deals.
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Zach2010 Feb 08, 2010
I'll follow you. And please add me.
ishmeehlai Feb 05, 2010
I'll follow someone if they follow me. =)
Zach2010 Feb 06, 2010
Zach2010 Feb 04, 2010
Someone please follow me. :D
Feb 02, 2010
I need someone to follow please!!
anusha Feb 04, 2010
i will follow u and u follow me
dsweetestangel Feb 01, 2010
I need one of these, pick me.
Feb 01, 2010
I need someone to follow!!! @anthonyjevans1
plase send me a tweet if u want me to follow you!
Feb 01, 2010
Looking for a follower or two and I'll return the favor. :)
fierceness Feb 03, 2010
if you follow me ill follow you
Feb 01, 2010
Looking for a follower...or two. :)
ocean_flower Feb 01, 2010
Looking for a follower or two. I'll return the favor :)
jellosheriff Feb 26, 2010
I'll follow you. Please follow back.
shaezi Jan 31, 2010
cool giveaways - nice way to make follow rings :)
shaezi Jan 31, 2010
great giveaway, thanks
hotshop Jan 31, 2010
Requesting a follow (yeah, I only have one deal in the pipe, but there's always the future...)

btw: Good luck to everyone to win this!
Joeland15 Jan 31, 2010
this is a very great deal
burgmissy Jan 31, 2010
Wow! this is great
becwill Jan 31, 2010
Follow me and I will return the favor.
dineshkvb Jan 31, 2010
i followed u nw u follow me
becwill Jan 31, 2010
burgmissy Jan 30, 2010
Findgers crossed
burgmissy Jan 30, 2010
I like this
Diamondcrystal Jan 30, 2010
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meeki Jan 30, 2010
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ccstompnet Jan 30, 2010
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Jan 30, 2010
I don't usually post deals, so anyone wanting to follow me won't get spammed by deals they're not interested in. :] I'm more of a lurker. Love the site though.
mattaspira Jan 30, 2010
Follow me, I hardly post deals but I love this site.
Jan 29, 2010
great deal
hooray4tigger2 Jan 29, 2010
If you follow me, I will follow you....please....PLEASE....pretty please with sugar on top!
ozzygee Jan 29, 2010
okay your turn.
FerrisYJ Jan 29, 2010
Yep, I'll trade followers all day.
DrkCherry Jan 29, 2010
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chillpenguin Jan 29, 2010
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QuanPete Jan 31, 2010
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BBMV Jan 29, 2010
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sam97kitty Jan 29, 2010
what the heck is follow or is it like stalking?
xichigox Jan 29, 2010
Yet another great giveaway!
InternetCEO Jan 29, 2010
so whose with me?
mike13 Jan 29, 2010
follow please =]
xiaoyanan Jan 29, 2010
Following me Please:)