Finding ways to save! (get organized without spending)

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What's the matter?
toddbrown0423 May 10, 2010
DealOrNoDeal May 09, 2010
the clips ain't free!!! lol
hotshop May 08, 2010
Even easier than the 5-minute projects at PopSci... the 5-second project! Not a deal, but simply a good and inexpensive idea. Thanks.
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aishhappy May 08, 2010
i like the way to get organized without spending :)
davidliu215 May 08, 2010
here, i found at staples.. but what size...
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dealstack May 08, 2010
cool. but its not a deal..
skyk May 07, 2010
Cool! I like it!
h4x0rmx May 07, 2010
Great deal!!
blitonm May 07, 2010
I have no idea why this is posted here.
opuseb May 07, 2010
It just goes to a link of the picture. Lameo!
djsteen May 07, 2010
Haha! Clever! Those bull clips are handy for all kinds of things.
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nada May 07, 2010
It's a great deal!! Thanks for sharing.
aishhappy May 07, 2010
i don't want to miss it :)
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kissme May 07, 2010
just got those binder clips and you can use them to store some of your cables.
aishhappy May 07, 2010
it shows just a photo, how to open it,help me
MikeTheTech May 07, 2010
The photo IS the tip. :)
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BeHappy May 07, 2010
That's so awesome!
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kissme May 07, 2010
i thought this is pretty cool! i guess its a deal too!
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