First Alert Two-Story 14-Foot Escape Ladder

Get this First Alert Two-Story 14-Foot Escape Ladder from Amazon for just $30.75! Checkout with free shipping on $49 or more or get free 2-day shipping with Prime.

Don't want to pay shipping? Also available at for the $30.75. Free in-store pickup is available.
  • Easy to use two-story 14-foot fire escape ladder
  • Fully assembled, ready to use
  • Strong steel construction, tested to 1,125 lbs
  • DuPont Cordura nylon strapping for extra strength and maximum durability.
  • Complies to ASTM standards; 6-year limited warranty
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tr1plication Feb 24, 2016
Back again
egagroupusa Jun 20, 2012
nice deal, great price.
tc1uscg Jun 20, 2012
When the alarm is going off, smoke is everywhere and there’s one way out and it’s DOWN the side of the house, that’s not the time to hold a “training class” on how to use these things. I have one and had my stepson deploy it. He was 12, 5’11” and 200lbs at the time and he had “issues” trying to pull it out from under the bed and setting it up. We ran through the drill a few times so he could do it with no problems. Windows crank out, screens pull off. No issue there. But, once its over the side, they have to climb out and as these fit CLOSE to the house, it’s a little scary for your average person much less a kid so don’t be fooled. A 8 year old isn’t going to do this with a smile on their face. So, don’t buy this, read the box then shove it in the closet or under a bed. Hand it to the youngest member and tell THEM to set it up. And don’t just do this once. Kids remember how to hack into Xbox live but can’t remember how to pull the screen off the window at 2am. When you replace your batteries to your smoke detectors every year, run a drill. Train everyone in the house how to use it. If anything, if they get it out the window, you or another older sibling can climb up and help the younger one out the window and down. I keep a 15 minute oxygen device (Emergency Escape Breading Device-EEBD) next to my bed (gift from the Damage Controlman from my last ship before I retired). I have learned from serving on 3 ships and 20 years in the Coast Guard, train, train and train. The reaction of using these devices should be the same at 3am or 3pm. It would also be a good idea to keep a headlamp with the ladder too because house fires don’t always happen during the day and 2 stories up looking down is a little scary for anyone.
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dvinegrace83 Jun 19, 2012
not the first thing on my "to buy" list, but seems pretty cool and practical now that i'm seeing it..
arsiel Jun 19, 2012
Maybe someone could use this for a treehouse? Maybe it's not for long term use :x
catchersmom Jun 19, 2012
This would be great for apartment dwellers too
nimase85 Jun 19, 2012
This seems like a pretty good deal and like it would be a great thing to have in case of emergency and free shipping is always good
seanvcxz Jun 19, 2012
Great for people who live in apartment buildings. It's really not a bad idea and for this price you can't go wrong.
rd995 Jun 19, 2012
remember if you buy this to keep it by the window not in the closet in case of an emergency
watchguyny Jun 19, 2012
This is a great safety tool, Thanks
shimisi Jun 19, 2012
This is brilliant. Thank you for posting! (P.S. It folds up for compact storage!)
Dexterous Jun 19, 2012
Safe ladder with good price
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solowkoe Jun 19, 2012
great product and price. I would recommend it to anyone in a apartment complex not on the first floor.
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krmills1 Jun 19, 2012
This is a good price for this type of escape ladder, these run pretty pricey! I have a one story house so I really don't need one but my mother lives in a 3 story house and could use this.
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branie Jun 19, 2012
A product to consider. We do have a two story home and sleep on the second floor so this is very important. As I skim through the reviews I am thinking some thought needs to go into this purchase as it depends on how your house is set up, ie: type of windows and the sills and palcement of windows below.
FibroMom Jun 18, 2012
Super Safety Item for all People with 2 Story Homes! Great Price for your piece of mind! Thanks for sharing this Deal - it may just save some lives out there! :)
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deby32953 Jun 18, 2012
I agree! Luckily we have a 1-story home but hubby would like to get a 2-story home but then we'd have to get one of those chair lifts to get me up the steps! How humiliating!
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glwrks Jun 18, 2012
You're welcome;) These are so much more affordable than when I last looked.
glwrks Jun 18, 2012
$7 price drop!
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EzzyLovesToSave Jun 18, 2012
Thanks, glwrks (G-2-B)!...SUPER price!
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deby32953 Jun 18, 2012
blah, blah, blah. xo
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rockinnrolla Jun 19, 2012
Nice price drop! If I had an upstairs this would be really useful!
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