For Our Snowed-In East Coasters!

For Our Snowed-In East Coasters!
Just thought you www.dealsplus.comsers over on the East Coast could probably use a good post right about now. And since I can't help you shovel out your car, or reschedule your canceled flight, or get the subways and buses running any faster, it seems like the least I can do (as a native New York, I empathize!).

So, here are some snowy deals for all of the users back East ...

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What's the matter?
toast Feb 10, 2010
You always make great roundups, Jess. Ace.
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taurus24 Feb 10, 2010
Great deals.. but I still wish you could help shovel
a14umbra Feb 10, 2010
Thanks for thinking about us.
Sceptor Feb 10, 2010
Hah very cool, just got done shoveling myself out
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kissme Feb 10, 2010
LOL.. my friend writes on his facebook feed: snow snow go away never come for 360 days
hamstergirl Feb 10, 2010
haha.. i think it kind of rhymes. sort of
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pipipig Feb 10, 2010
looks like that squirrel is thinking: get away from me! snow.
AKaddanotherA Feb 10, 2010
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dlkmadness Feb 10, 2010
sorry people.. I live in California, and its sunny here :D

Alright, my piece of the pie. I saw this few days ago. its a squirrel protect itself from the snow.. haha cute!
honeyclove Feb 10, 2010
AKaddanotherA Feb 10, 2010
I just saw your picture too, so adorable!
weeeve Feb 10, 2010
i was on flixxy the other day and saw this. looks pretty amazing:
hamstergirl Feb 10, 2010
very interesting
niceguy Feb 10, 2010
i could really use of hot chocolate right now~