Free Equifax Credit Score Card: Get your free credit score range

Does not give your credit report, just credit score, similar to Equifax's FICO.
No CC needed, current Equifax customers just enter login and password, everyone else must enter everything in order to verify identity.
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What's the matter?
fokewe Mar 11, 2010
This offer is sort of a joke.. It only gives you a range score vs. your actual score. It's better than a poke in the eye with a stick but not by much...
fluffy Mar 11, 2010
You can get your free TransUnion credit score any time, as often as you like at .
Gadubos Mar 11, 2010
Forget this deal....Doesn't give you your credit report just the score? What is the point?

Everyone needs to see what is on their credit report.

Go to

This is the only free website subsidized by the government where you can pull your credit report from any of the three agencies once every year.
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toast Mar 11, 2010
True, but it's also good to know where you stand credit-wise too. I think it makes it somewhat more comforting to know where your credit beforehand if you're buying a car or something.
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ramana_forums Mar 11, 2010
i am existing user.But i don't see my credit score?
briin79 Mar 11, 2010
What Crap it gives a range of numbers of 50 points. SO u dont know exactly what your score is. Your score is "average between 660-and 724" so what tell me what it is!!! i dont want a general area.
fluffy Mar 11, 2010
Giving only a range is pretty awful, but keep in mind that your score can vary by a huge amount between the different credit bureaus. I was shocked when I got turned down for financing when applying online, so I called the business for an explanation. They checked with a different credit bureau, and there was no problem. The different bureaus concentrate on different population pockets, and the first bureau had almost no information on me, despite a long credit history.
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referralright Mar 11, 2010
toast Mar 10, 2010
Very good info to know. Note: this is for your credit SCORE, not your credit report.
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