FREE - Gibson Learn & Master Guitar Application

If you have trouble seeing this:
1. Open iTunes
2. Search for "Gibson Learn & Master" in iTunes
3. Click on appropriate App

- A professional quality Chromatic Tuner that will allow you to tune any instrument using the iPhone microphone (or iPod Touch with microphone attachment)
- Alternate Tuning settings so you can quickly and easily tune your guitar to various alternate tunings, including Open G, Low C, Drop D, Eb and others.
- A Standard Mode Tuner that allows you to tune each string to a sample tone
- An accurate Metronome with multiple time signatures, visual and audio options, and a set-your-own tempo tap pad
- A Chord Library with a sample of the essential chords for every player beginner to advanced
- Free Videos Lessons - Watch full length lessons from the Award Winning Learn & Master Guitar course. Watch as instructor Steve Krenz gets you started on your way to mastering the guitar. You will also be directed to printable resources to accompany these lessons on
- Quick access to's mobile site where you can keep up with the latest in music industry news, artists and events.
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What's the matter?
shalom24 Mar 04, 2010
Downloaded, seems to run pretty well; especially considering that it was free! You can't easily pass up free stuff! Thanks for sharing!
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jklyank Mar 03, 2010
Great price!
raylot Mar 03, 2010
Great find and useful application.
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Yourbiggestfan Mar 03, 2010
it's free? awesome. does anyone know if our itouch has to have the up-to-date version to download from app. store?
nimrodboy3 Mar 03, 2010
the app is compatible with OS 3.0 or higher. if you meet this requirement, you should be fine downloading the app.
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reallytech Mar 03, 2010
not the best app in the world but its free
nimrodboy3 Mar 03, 2010
Polarkind Mar 03, 2010
Seems I'm doing something wrong... can't find it!
nimrodboy3 Mar 03, 2010
...maybe try copying and pasting Gibson Learn & Master...hopefully that'll show up.
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hamstergirl Mar 03, 2010
yepp.. worked
Polarkind Mar 03, 2010
Ahhh, sorry guys... pre-coffee black out! Need to download i-tunes first. :-P
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nimrodboy3 Mar 03, 2010
no worries..glad you got it figured out =P.
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CruisnGrrl Mar 02, 2010
music improves your life, making music improves your life and those around you.
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GuitarHeroSaver Mar 02, 2010
great find
Acarone Mar 02, 2010
thought this was a really cool (FREE!) app, enjoy!