Free International Calls With Rebtel + 60min Free One-Way Calling

Use coupon code pinoy60 for 60 minutes of free non-callback calling.

In addition to the free 60 minutes of international calling credit, all calls made using the call-back feature are free with this service forever. It will act like a local call for both parties.

Just sign up for a free account and add your contacts. When you call the access number for a contact and they answer, tell them to call you back on the number on their caller id, which will be local to them. You just stay on the line while they dial. Talk forever internationally for free between 50 countries. Should work domestically as well to save on long distance.
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nayeem2010 Aug 27, 2011

Use this link to get your BONUS:

Bonus will be given after first recharge.

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fluffy Aug 09, 2010
I noticed that if you have calling credit in your account, it's really easy to waste it with unsuccessful free call-back attempts. To make a successful FREE call between Rebtel countries, the called party MUST hang up WITHIN 10 SECONDS to call you back, or you will be billed for a direct call. When calling European cell phones, this can add up very fast. If you have no credit in your Rebtel account, you don't have to worry about this.

Since virtually no one can get the call-back drill right the first time, you may want to make contact via E-mail or IM beforehand.

Don't forget that if friends join Rebtel via a referral link sent from your account, you get $10 calling credit if they buy $10 or more in calling credit.
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z_westafrican Jun 22, 2010
This is cheapest I can find out there. Never use phone card again!
Well Google voice is actually better quality with same price for me @ 22 cents/mn to my country. But Google doesn't provide the free call back and you have to use your pc or a smart phone with access to WiFi or 3G.
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fluffy Jun 21, 2010
BTW, don't be confused by "First call free!" on the "Sign up now!" button. ALL calls completed via the call-back method are free - forever, until they decide otherwise. "First call free!" refers to the fact that they give you a few free minutes to make a direct non-call-back call. Also, the free call-back calls are a regular offering, so there is no expiration to this deal in sight.
rendraco Jun 21, 2010
The payment part.. "You only pay for the local part of the call to your regular carrier". This some time may run into a huge amount if you are not careful enough to use it on weekends and nights! Good for 'unlimited minutes' accounts on the weekdays.
fluffy Jun 21, 2010
You can also use it to and from landlines.
Perkalicious11 Jun 21, 2010
anyone tried this? does it really work this well?
fluffy Jun 21, 2010
My wife talked to her sister in France for almost 2 hours yesterday. The call was very clear, just like a landline. Rebtel can also be used to make very cheap calls without the call-back needed for the free calls.
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newguy Jun 21, 2010
Cool....thanks, fluffy :)