Free Memo Pad!

The first 2,000 people each day will receive a free personalized memo pad with free shipping and no credit card info required. One per household.
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What's the matter?
c0rinne Sep 01, 2010
I got it for free. It says that if you don't share it on your facebook wall, you'll have to pay $0.99.

"If you cannot successfully share this deal on Facebook, you can still get the memo pad for a discounted price of $0.99 each with free shipping."
c0rinne Sep 01, 2010
Weird, my mom get's charged $0.99 as well. It was free for me. I live in CA, she lives in NY.
c0rinne Sep 01, 2010
Turns out, the sharing on Facebook didn't go through. We tried again, and this time her shopping cart says $0.00. So, yes, you have to make sure you shared the site on facebook before buying.
glas2007 Sep 01, 2010
same as the others... 99 cents for me, not free
whammo Sep 01, 2010
After I applied the coupon code.

Order Summary
Items $3.99
Shipping/Handling $1.99
Coupon Discount ($4.99)
Order Total $0.99
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whammo Sep 01, 2010
You have to sign up for Arts Cow account and confirm through email and pay $1.99 shipping.
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wingate Sep 01, 2010
seems legit