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Free Piece of Porsche History!

As a promo for the new Cayenne, Porsche cut up 60 meters of guardrail from their Leipzig test track and are sending them out for free, mounted on a nice plaque.
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What's the matter?
salahuddin Jan 10, 2011
didn't get anything yet.
mheven1 Dec 07, 2010
I have not received this either and I ordered the track the 1st day this was posted.
salahuddin Jan 10, 2011
nope didn't get crap i would have been happy with just some grass from india as long as they would have said its from porshe.
salahuddin Dec 01, 2010
anyone got their track???
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johnboysaves Aug 25, 2010
All Gone...
blitonm Aug 25, 2010
Das angeforderte Dokument konnte nicht gefunden werden.
D3alhunter Aug 25, 2010
awesome find thanks
tekman2500 Aug 24, 2010
this will sell for a lot on ebay one day.
mtyducs Aug 24, 2010
random stuff like this is what makes DEALS+ great!!
wonder Aug 24, 2010
i hereby claim the muffler
scoops Aug 24, 2010
Couldn't resist...I got in on this as well. Thanks!
Taylor9124 Aug 24, 2010
I'm just curious to see if I will actually get a piece.
cbstrick Aug 24, 2010
A little strange, but thought I'd get in on the action too!
zaknafein922 Aug 24, 2010
keeps telling me file not found help
suicycle Aug 24, 2010
Interesting stuff! I signed up for one.
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nygreenmachine Aug 24, 2010
Awesome 4-6 weeks for delivery I just looked it up on ebay and people were selling this for $250! Cant wait to get mine :D
patrick835 Aug 24, 2010
which keyword did you use to search?
jamesjr55 Aug 24, 2010
I searched Porsche guardrail and found 2
nygreenmachine Aug 25, 2010
xichigox Aug 24, 2010
Nice! I'm in for one!
idealhunter Aug 24, 2010
jumped in. hopefully will be a collectors item in a couple of decades? :P
Mandydeth Aug 24, 2010
Super special awesome, I've always been a Porsche fan.
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nyng Aug 24, 2010
I did not see any confirmation message after I register.
behemothZ3R0 Aug 24, 2010
I jumped on this as well. Very cool. :]
GraceurFace Aug 24, 2010
This is actually pretty cool. As of now it doesn't have any real value to it but if you are a real car fanatic or follow a lot of races this is probably a valuable piece. Maybe down along the road it would be worth a fortune if you can keep it at a very good condition. That is of course if this is actually true and they are tearing up the track and sending them out. If they are just sending out pieces of metal it might be a different story. either way. Pretty cool
mixter Aug 24, 2010
great! I really hope I can get one. Looks like a nice piece of decoration for the living room
lauchremi Aug 24, 2010
neat... requested one for my son. boys like stuff like that. :)
salahuddin Aug 24, 2010
it says 4-6 weeks i guess ill just have to wait.
DrkBluePGT Aug 24, 2010
I'm pretty confident it will show up, as long as they have supplies, just go on ebay, people are trying to sell them already.
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huningning Aug 24, 2010
Sounds Cool
ricci4pres Aug 24, 2010
how did you get the picture, is that really what they send you? that would actually be pretty neat to have... for free
DrkBluePGT Aug 24, 2010
Its on multiple pcar forums, bmw forums....its a giveaway from Porsche Cars North America.
Jtelford Aug 24, 2010
That's pretty cool
jamesjr55 Aug 24, 2010
Cool can't beat free I signed up for it lets see if I get it
zdog23 Aug 24, 2010
Cool, I guess...