GearXS Sound Activated Equalizer T-Shirt - BigBang - Black

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Looking for a unique way strike up a conversation? Or maybe a new tactic to approach the ladies? Make a BIG (bang) statement with this light-up LED Big Bang T-Shirt! You can't deny it - whether you think they're totally goofy or totally cool, light-up shirts are attention-grabbers. So why not use this to your advantage! This Big Bang T-Shirt is unique and unlike the same Equalizer and Scrolling LED version we've seen before. This high-quality shirt is 100% cotton and comes in black and contrasts nicely against the multi-colored lights of the light-up starburst. The LED panel is powered by 4-AAA batteries (not included) and will last approximately 30-40 hours of life! The battery pack sits in a pocket on the inside of the shirt and includes an adjustable sensitivity control. Best of all, the LED light-up panel is actually affixed via velcro so it's completely removable - perfect for when it's time to throw the t-shirt in the wash. If you're sick of making frivolous and awkward conversation, skip the small talk and WEAR the ice-breaker! Makes an awesome gift. Yours until gone...
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