Gillette Fusion Proglide Manual Razor, 1-count Package

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What's the matter?
Acarone Feb 09, 2014
price drop, 2/9. thanks for updating
inferno1121 Nov 12, 2013
how can you guys have so many reputations?
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tr1plication Nov 12, 2013
@inferno1121 Posting lots of great deals! Read more on our FAQ:
inferno1121 Nov 12, 2013
great price!
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AgentGhost Nov 11, 2013
alive again, back in stock!
becky457 Aug 12, 2010
Out of stock.
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Elkaye Aug 12, 2010
I love these razors. It is a good price with free shipping. :)
SuperLuke Aug 12, 2010
It's cheaper to buy a bunch of these than to buy the cartridge packs. An 8-pack is 28, but a razor with 1 is 2.35? 8 x 2.35 = $18.80. Crazy!
djinhwan Aug 12, 2010
good comparison
nimrodboy3 Aug 11, 2010
have yet to try this out.
Jaymoon Aug 11, 2010
Yeah, if you don't have Prime, total comes out to about $7-8. Not much of a deal anymore. :(
socrams Aug 11, 2010
great price thank you man !!!
djinhwan Aug 11, 2010
outz Aug 11, 2010
not in stock anymore... but coupon still applies and says they will ship when its in.
djinhwan Aug 11, 2010
Very welcome
blopatin Aug 11, 2010
What a great price on this, thanks so much!
edd310 Aug 11, 2010
i could really use one of these alsoooooo
spawned Aug 11, 2010
Great buy, fab product....I've already got a supply of new heads.
jksmth2008 Aug 11, 2010
What a great deal!
thisisragtime Aug 11, 2010
Nice! This would be great for my downstairs hair.
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UconnBabe Aug 11, 2010
I bought this razor for my bf and he loved it. Definitely a great buy.
summerfish Aug 11, 2010
I have this and it's a great razor!
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irish1011 Aug 11, 2010
Awesome, Starting to get "stocking stuffers" and this will be perfect for hubby!
alongcamemary1 Aug 11, 2010
Yes..this deal worked for me!! This is a super deal!! Ty!! Following you on twitter as on Facebook as "Mary Rodowicz" Mary ;0)
techboydino Aug 11, 2010
Out of stock but will ship when in stock. Order while supplies last.
deby32953 Aug 11, 2010
My bad. Didn't notice the coupon. It does work!!! Sorry!
deby32953 Aug 11, 2010
They raised the price!
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djinhwan Aug 11, 2010
i could really use another one of these
muertos22 Aug 11, 2010
worked for me, thanks.used prime so it shipped free too