Google Voice invites for students

Enter an email address that that ends in .edu.
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What's the matter?
nimrodboy3 May 16, 2010
belarus94 May 14, 2010
Only 1 invite left :)
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nevermindvicky May 14, 2010
Thanks a lot :D
NIKE284 May 15, 2010
can I have one too?
mAmphetamine May 14, 2010
Sweet... just got 3 invites with my 3 different *.edu addresses!! Who wants to buy some off me ;-)
belarus94 May 14, 2010
Only 2 invitations left :)
nevermindvicky May 14, 2010
Hey belarus94...can I have one pls ???
h4x0rmx May 14, 2010
I've had gVoice for about a year. I have an iPhone with the most basic plan (no text), but I get free unlimited text with gVoice... Even when I don't get signal from AT&T (as long as I'm in a hotspot). I also got a number with my name!!! :)
twiztedX3 May 14, 2010
belarus94 May 14, 2010
Oh, and you can set up your cell phone (I have an iPhone) with google voice and I get calls from both numbers (ATT and google foice) on my phone first. Then if I do not answer google voice mail will be activated and you will be able to read / play back voice mail via google voice web site. Very cool feature.
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belarus94 May 14, 2010
I've had google voice for about a year now :) I was invited to their beta test program. I even was able to get a cool phone number that is actually my last name - very easy to remember :)
I have 3 invitations left. So if you are interested, let me know your email address.
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nevermindvicky May 14, 2010
Hi can you pls send it over to me on pls pls...would be very thankful to you :)
nevermindvicky May 14, 2010
Can somebody please send me an invite ????