Google VOICE now available to everyone

Google VOICE now available to everyone...No INVITE NEEDED...ENJOY

Some Info --

The android users on Verizon can set up their phone to completely integrate Google Voice thereby replacing your number for all the calls, voicemail and sms. Everything becomes free
Setup Google Voice to make things cheaper and effective. :)
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What's the matter?
hotshop Jun 23, 2010
So far, GV is pretty good - have been using it for about nine months now. Its nice to have a VRU that actually responds when you press a key - unlike Verizon's pre-millenial voicemail system. One drawback: don't depend on the texts you get from transcribed voicemail to be useful, although if your callers speak very clearly its not bad. And yes, there's no FREE on Verizon's network!
cestlav Jun 23, 2010
Deal Price: Free
Shipping: Free

I didn't see "Free call" here
fluffy Jun 23, 2010
The original poster stated "Everything becomes free" in the deal description above, under the "See It!" button. You can make free LD calls with GV, but you generally can't avoid airtime charges on a cell phone with the Android app, unless you already have unlimited minutes.
fluffy Jun 23, 2010
WOAH! The GV app on Android is NOT a VoIP app, it does NOT use Wi-Fi or your cell data plan. Everything DOES NOT become free from your Android phone!!! It makes a regular phone call, using your minutes, to a GV number (not your own GV number) to forward the call via the GV system. If you have the app, you'll notice that when you place a call, a message flashes at the top of the screen "Calling via Google Voice" and right below it a GV number that is NOT yours. You're connecting to GV via a regular minute-munching cell call. Some people could be headed towards astronomical bills if they think they're getting free calls from their cell phone.

It is not certain if the GV number called by the app never changes for a given user, so if you have an unlimited "faves" plan, you might be able to get free outgoing calls by making that number one of your faves. I have no idea if the incoming number is the same or stays constant

Also, realize that if you have unlimited in-carrier minutes you WILL NOT be using these free minutes with the GV app, because every call via the app is really to the GV forwarding number, not directly to the number you are calling. Likewise for any faves calling plan. You are not really calling your faves directly when you use GV, so any free minutes do not apply.

If you wondered why Verizon doesn't have a problem with Google Voice, now you know!
rojito Jun 22, 2010
available in the US. The US is not everyone.
fluffy Jun 22, 2010
I've had GV for a while, and use it mostly for forwarding and free LD calls from work. I also have an original Droid on Verizon, but my experience with GV on it has been pretty rough, so I don't use it much there. A lot of calls just don't go through, or only one party can hear. Anyone else with a Droid and GV have a similar or better experience?
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aacidusx Jun 22, 2010
been working great on my Droid.
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gdog05 Jun 22, 2010
Had it for some time, and it is pretty damn slick.
nevermindvicky Jun 22, 2010
I am usng it currently and it jst rocks...:)
skyk Jun 22, 2010
Thanks!! I will get one!!
nevermindvicky Jun 22, 2010
Truly my pleasure :)