2 Cases of Great White Recycled Copy Paper (8 1/2" x 11", 20 Lb, 92 Brightness, 500 Sheets)

1. Order two cases and apply coupon code 310096060 to save $12.40 off

2. Add another cooupon code 43616859 to save another $15 off.

3. Submit the mail-in rebate form to receive $64.80 back ($32.40 per case, limit two, for purchases dated 10/10/10–10/16/10)

3. Final price after rebate: $0.18 for two cases

Update - codes are no longer stackable. The original mail in rebate link is no longer available.

Click here for a printable version.
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What's the matter?
unikki420 Oct 14, 2010
The original mail in rebate link no longer works, but lucky I saved a copy of a pdf...Here you go.

Although OD cancelled the rebate for this item, they are, however, obligated to honor the rebate if you already have the item in possession.

Also, the rebate form terms doesn't mentioned about the offer not being able to combined w/coupons.
Jay021 Oct 14, 2010
Do not bother buying it or sending it because THIS REBATE WAS OFFICAALY CANCEL today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DO not believe then CALL THEM..
joe4322 Oct 13, 2010
I got the papers. But I can not find the rebate form now. Is there anybody can forward me a copy of the rebate form please? thanks. biokroem@gmail.com
sue_nany Oct 14, 2010
dnguyen96 Oct 13, 2010
for some reason the rebate form is now missing and now you cannot combine the coupons. Guess office depot figured out that people can pay $.18 for 1000 papers. so they shut it down. Guess whoever ordered it got lucky!
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dnguyen96 Oct 13, 2010
I contacted office depot rebate center and they said that using office depot coupons would be okay on the rebate
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joe4322 Oct 13, 2010
can you please give me a copy of the rebate form? thanks
sue_nany Oct 14, 2010
Jay021 Oct 13, 2010
Hey, do anyone know how to download the rebate form? Also, on the rebate form, it states "Not combinable with other offers". Does that mean the coupon would decline the rebate offer?

G35pimp Oct 12, 2010
Got my paper in 2 days but it looked like it fell off a truck!
belarus94 Oct 12, 2010
Coupon 310096060 expired on October 11th. Will not bother going forward with it.
zaknafein922 Oct 11, 2010
sold out:(
mommyshops Oct 11, 2010
@noob Agreed... Mail in rebates do suck... Why not just post them online and have them EFT you the rebate or paypal it to you or something..Why mail in, wait, they mail, wait more.. blah... More efficiency please!
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belarus94 Oct 12, 2010
This mail in rebate tactic is used with hopes that some of the customers will never submit it. It happened to me too few times when I forgot/did not bother submit the form for rebate. It will attract people like bait attracts fish :) I gave up on that mail in rebate thing. Just waiting for a good deal or buying right away if really need that item. After all sometimes spending few extra $$ is not a big deal.
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Acarone Oct 11, 2010
nice update unikki420. both codes worked for me
memappm Oct 11, 2010
I wish EVERYONE would do away with mail-in rebates. Maybe a if you pay cash on the spot rebate? Mail-in's SOOO suck!!
bogus2504 Oct 11, 2010
let's all become environment friendly