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Jul 15, 2010
Well, I got one. Signal-wise, this antenna is EXCELLENT. I received a total of 49 channels in a Maryland suburb of DC. That's more than with any other antenna I've tried, AND with the thing still temporarily indoors on the ground floor! I live halfway down a hill, and a good number of the stations are on the opposite side of that hill and 30-35 miles away, yet they still come in perfectly. Unlike many HDTV antennas, this has both VHF and UHF reception.

Physically, however, the antenna is a piece of junk. It comes as a hundred little flimsy parts and took me about 2 hours to assemble, partly because everything has to be handled so carefully. The aluminum tubing is so thin, you could squish it between two fingers. The plastic parts are likewise weak. I have enough experience with TV antennas to know that both the metal and plastic parts are of substandard strength. This would never survive snow and ice. Not a chance. I think if more than one blackbird perched on the same element it would bend. I suspect that even a windy thunderstorm might damage it. It would probably be best to install it in an attic rather than outdoors.

The antenna has an integral rotor, but it doesn't orient it to predefined directions. It simply rotates as long as the control button is held down. It reverses direction each time the button is pressed, but unless you mount it where you can see it, you have no idea which direction it is rotating or what position it is currently in. If you can't view it, you'd have yo just keep pressing and holding the button until you got a steady signal from a given station.

Now for the real kicker. Mine gets stuck more than half the time when the rotate button is pressed. Once it gets stuck, it will not rotate again until the antenna gets jiggled while the button is pressed. I don't think it is friction, because when it is stuck I don't hear any sound from the motor at all. It seems like the motor may be stopping in a position where the electrical contact is lost. This happens with the antenna at any position of rotation. I will have to look into returning it, though I am not looking forward to disassembling the thing.
Jul 07, 2010
Looks like a good idea, but is it durable? No info to speak of on this item or its manufacturer, except for it being sold on many fly-by-night-sites-with-long-hyphenated-names.com

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