Heinz unveils new Dip & Squeeze ketchup packets

The new packet can be opened in not one, but two ways. The end can be torn away so the ketchup can be a topping on, say, a burger (or Cap'n Crunch, if that's your thing). But the really cool part is that the other end rips away to create a dunking container for fries, one of the most popular applications for ketchup.
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What's the matter?
chcapps Feb 08, 2010
Whataburger has been doing this for years with their ketchup. Not sure what took so long for others to catch on. Now I want some whataburger. Mmmmm.
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ShopShop Feb 08, 2010
I could not be more excited about this.
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smallzfsu Feb 08, 2010
Innovative package design, more packaging. Boo on you heinz.
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savetheday Feb 07, 2010
toast Feb 07, 2010
I had the fry dipping thing down to a science. I would tear a hole just the right size for the fry to fit through on the old packets. These make it too easy :P
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nimrodboy3 Feb 07, 2010
sheep_lover Feb 07, 2010
Free samples in 3...2...1...
Acarone Feb 07, 2010
really clever. i love innovative package designs
moose Feb 07, 2010
cool redesign