Horror Movie Shower Curtain & Bath Mat

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What's the matter?
smallzfsu Jun 24, 2009
Awesome, if it wasnt just for novelties sake, id buy this! I dont need a curtain anymore, I have a glass shower. Stupid glass showers..
Ziaahmad Jun 24, 2009
........... what do you mean novelty?
smallzfsu Jun 24, 2009
I'm just sayin', id buy it just to hang it up at a party in the kids bathroom and be all, well, u know, the kids just got a little too wild, so we had to off em! *maniacal laughter*
dealtard Jun 24, 2009
I knew you added this when I saw the pic Zia... awesomeness!
Ziaahmad Jun 24, 2009
reeeeeek reeeeeek reeeeeek reeeeeeeek!
quickly Jun 24, 2009
Oh my goodnesss. who would want that to be in the bathroom! could be a april fools prank