Inflatable Salad Bar

Inflatable Salad Bar Sold by ToysNGamesEtc and Fulfilled by Amazon for $6.99 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35

  • Extra large, rectangular serving station
  • 12 x 42; interior accommodates multiple serving bowls
  • Light weight and portable
  • Make this a no-brainer for parties, picnics, camping, and more
  • PVC, 51.5" (L) X 24.5"(W) X 5"(H)
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What's the matter?
glwrks Jan 03, 2015
Price drop
blackfoot May 23, 2013
Nice party/catering item to have at a good price.
catchersmom Apr 29, 2013
we love ours, it was a great buy and now a lower price
glwrks Apr 28, 2013
Great price! I love's perfect for early set-up, keeping all those fav summer foods cold:)
glwrks May 24, 2013
@glwrks FANTASTIC price! I use mine a couple times a year...storing inflatables with a sprinkling of baby powder or cornstarch makes them not stick to each other;)
tpark6283 Mar 25, 2013
This is the lowest price i have seen this, this looks very useful!
supermawmaw4 Mar 24, 2013
Oh wow how cool and great price to go with it
lauchremi Mar 24, 2013
odd... can you put hot stuff on it? i wonder...
catchersmom Mar 24, 2013
I just bought this for our asa softball team, I am in charge of the food during tournaments, this and the canopy I bought last week, almost done
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candzyangel Mar 24, 2013
This is great for summer parties. Thanks for posting.
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FibroMom Mar 24, 2013
NICE price and so perfect for upcoming Spring and Summer parties and get-togethers! Thanks - super find!
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poe601 Mar 24, 2013
Works great I bought one last summer, definitely nice to have for parties.
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zoneric Mar 24, 2013
can be very useful, especially for barbecues.
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tylerhews Mar 24, 2013
this is GENIUS! plus you can use it in the pool afterward
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alecupope Mar 24, 2013
an inflatable salad bar? that's something different. I have never seen such a thing.
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ancagavs Mar 24, 2013
@alecupope I haven't seen one either, but it seems others have and they are very handy.
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MrBklynW Mar 24, 2013
awesome deal. very nice find
LoveSweet Mar 23, 2013
I would recommend this to everyone who likes to have bbq's outside.
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ancagavs Mar 24, 2013
@LoveSweet we love barbecues outside. bit we're still waiting for the spring.
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boricua1 Mar 23, 2013
this is very cool..never seen this
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blusky Mar 23, 2013
Great item for the price, perfect for small picnics
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branie Mar 23, 2013
Cheapest I have seen this nifty little item. :)
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glwrks Mar 23, 2013
$1 price drop 3/23/13
zhn2011zhn Feb 03, 2012
great deal and it is good for family!
aznballa161 Feb 03, 2012
Really good deal. A huge discount for a great product. It's extra large so it'll be able to hold more than you could imagine
glwrks Feb 02, 2012
2nd use: Drop a plastic tablecloth (or old vinyl shower curtain) from the $1 store inside to use as a potting bench. Plenty of room to fill your pots with soil/potting mix without a mess, as the sides keep all contained. Just lift out the cloth when you're done. Neater than spreading newspaper on the kitchen table like I usually do:)
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newjerseychickxo Feb 02, 2012
Great iDEA for the summer ahead! great for family outings.Thanks!
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nimase85 Feb 02, 2012
updated: is now $10.34
badandy538 Jan 26, 2012
that's cool!
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krmills1 Jan 26, 2012
This is actually a pretty cool thing to have for parties.
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glwrks Jan 26, 2012
I have this, & it worked great for a large party of 50+. Held burger fixings, salads, dips etc. for several hours in the sun.
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dvinegrace83 Jan 26, 2012
I got this last July and's GREAT! So many people improperly keep the food out in the heat..gross. i like putting bowls of cold food in here like dip, mayonnaise-based salads, fruit, etc., and have better peace of mind knowing it's less likely to kill somebody!
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Christine Jan 26, 2012
oh wow perfect for summmer parties and sucha good deal! thankssss =) no idea these things existed!!! great space saver tooo!
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alecupope Mar 24, 2013
@Christine me neither. this is the first time I hear of such a product.
rtanner Jan 26, 2012
Ok I want one...
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blackfoot Jan 26, 2012
Like the concept. Nice for parties and all other types of entertaining
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poe601 Jan 26, 2012
Great idea, I want one of these! Nice post
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sweetangelxxo Jan 26, 2012
Perfect for any party!! So many uses!!
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tpark6283 Jan 26, 2012
Thanks so much for posting...definitely looking into for this camping season!!
catchersmom Jan 26, 2012
Okay now I have seen everything