Insignia NS-NAV01 4.3" GPS

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tc1uscg Apr 16, 2011
Bad reviews. You get what you pay for. Just like Radar detectors. The more the spend, the better the unit is. This is one of the few car electronic items that you shouldn't skimp on.
mlinhart Apr 16, 2011
I bought one and used it last night. The menus are slow, I had to press low on the screen menu items and letters to pick the correct one and it would give me directions that told me to go down to stop light and make a u-turn to get to one place even though there was a left turn spot prior to stop light - Still I was close enough to see the restaurant. The text to speech is so-so and I didn't find the 3D looking map view like Garmin provides.

This is no Garmin GPS but is Worth Much More than $29.99. Directions were clear, found multiple destinations easily, found satellites pretty fast. If you don't think you want to spend $60+ on a GPS then definitely pick this one up for $30.

- Michael
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Gomacs Apr 10, 2011
Seems the deal is no longer available.
Mavin1983 Apr 10, 2011
Dont buy this 1...I have this GPS & it is pathetic..
encorez Apr 09, 2011
bad reviews on amazon,

$69 tomtom on sale at stores all the time would be better in the long run.
rendraco Apr 09, 2011
A real good deal for a 4.3" color LCD touch screen GPS with Text-to-speech and turn-by-turn voice prompts.
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HuntersBambi Apr 09, 2011
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ragingwookiee Apr 09, 2011
$40 Drop + Free Shipping