Iomega Prestige 1TB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive

1. Use coupon code 82HR?8PPS1W5CK for $30 off
2. Use another coupon code J3$5B30MDZ8?FG for 10% off
3. Final Price: $72 - Free Shipping
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What's the matter?
neologics Mar 25, 2010
Total with taxes: $78.45 in California
Fatalwoman Mar 25, 2010
I really need one.
dlkmadness Mar 25, 2010
price just updated... two coupons stackable! awesome price
kevin1979 Sep 17, 2009
That's a good price, but I owned an Iomega external drive and the enclosure's power supply died right after the warranty expired two years after I got it. I thought it was the entire drive that died, but I removed the drive and put it into a new enclosure and it's been working fine ever since.

BTW the drive inside was a Seagate. I'll never buy another Iomega external, that's for sure.
Sep 17, 2009
link broken
ellis Sep 17, 2009
Check it again. It's still working.
pipipig Sep 17, 2009
agree! this is really cheap.. i remember buying a 120GB external hard drive for the same price two years ago.
moose Sep 17, 2009
I remember buying a 200GB drive only for $150 years ago.
moose Sep 17, 2009
one of the lowest prices ive seen for a 1TB external