LA to Hawaii 6 nights hotel + airfare from $310/person (April-May)

1. Go to
2. Click on flight + hotel
3. Type in lax to hnl
4. Select dates
5. Sort by price
6. Select hotel that you like
7. Enter $200 off code entertain200 (details)
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grugru Apr 15, 2009
Castle Maile Sky Court Hotel from 5/12 to 5/18 for $360/person. Great!!
xichigox Apr 15, 2009
You have to scroll down to look at cheaper prices. It's usually the less popular hotels that will be cheaper, but still it's a great deal. Here's what I found (using May 4-10). Remember guys, LA to HNL. After choosing a package for $431/person, it came out to be $861.18. With the promotion code, brought it down $200. Total came out to be $661.18 or roughly $330.59/person for round trip non-stop flight on continental at Castle Ocean Resort in Waikiki, with a 6 night stay. This is including taxes and fees. What a great deal!! You might not get the exact hotel or area in Hawaii you're looking for for this price, but it's definitely worth a shot. It's all the same to me! Now, just need to find some people to go with..
xichigox Apr 15, 2009
*Forgot to add: I chose a flight for 2 adults. Try switching around between 1 or more adults to see if packages change. Maybe its best to get it in a group of 2 because you'd be able to split the hotel cost. Adding a trip for 1 person kind of cancels out the $200 discount because you're coughing up the hotel fee yourself instead of splitting it in half. Anyway, good hunting!
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Apr 15, 2009
What dates did u find it for so cheap? I only found $588 a person.
Apr 15, 2009
cheapest price is $470
Apr 15, 2009
It says (April-May)....but I still couldnt get a price of 310 in April or May?? The lowest was 700. Thumbs down :(
lsarene Apr 15, 2009
The add does say (APRIL-MAY) but even thought I tried those months I couldn't get that price, the lowest price was 700.
iknowall327 Apr 15, 2009
Doesnt work, tried 6 days this month, next month, the month after that up to October. DOESNT WORK!
nimrodboy3 Apr 15, 2009
whoa..sick deal. i've been looking for flights to HNL.
coupcoup Apr 15, 2009
These deals are insane!!!! I could get $360 per person. Should I jump on this?
quickly Apr 15, 2009
HERE I COME!!! I wish i could say that.....