MICROSOFT CORPORATION Windows 7 Home Premium - Upgrade

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fluffy Aug 23, 2010
A good deal for those that don't qualify for the $29.99 student pricing.
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roro Aug 23, 2010
good deal
Pnmerk Aug 23, 2010
Best OS Microsoft has ever released
cvuong1984 Aug 23, 2010
for IT Professionals or students going into the IT Field, it may be worth your wild to look into Microsoft Technet. You pay something like 250 bucks (with coupon) and you get access to all Microsoft's software.

All software comes with up to 10 license each, so instead of paying 100 for Office and like 70 for Windows 7, you get a lot more for around $250.

Office Pro
Windows 7 (Home Pro Enterprise etc)
Windows Vista (Home Pro Enterprise etc)
Servers (2k3 2k8 SQL Sharepoint etc)
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fluffy Aug 23, 2010
All of the software available via Technet is licensed only for evaluation purposes of said software. Using it as a live operating or staging environment is prohibited. If you use it to produce a document for school, work, or personal use, you are violating the terms of the license. There are also many more nit-picking restrictions, typically involving technology that Microsoft licenses from other companies. For instance, playback of MPEG4 video from any commercial source is prohibited under the Technet license.

You might say "who's gonna know?", but people should realize that Technet is not an all-you-can-eat Microsoft buffet. It just gives you access to the software for evaluation purposes, and nothing else.
chicagolefty Aug 23, 2010
$30 if you're in college...ha
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akaricke Aug 23, 2010
$20 drop. Now $69.99